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  1. #1. Lauren London You People As Eddie Murphy's Daughter
  2. #2. You People Netflix Release Date

Lauren London 'You People' As Eddie Murphy's Daughter

Searching for information about Lauren London You People? Here we go! 'You People' is an upcoming comedy film directed by Kenya Barris (black-ish, Entergalatic), and the brand new trailer for the film has just been released on Netflix. According to Variety, the plot of the star-studded movie centers on a couple who, after relocating into a new area, find themselves in the middle of a cultural conflict.

#1. Lauren London You People As Eddie Murphy's Daughter

Lauren London You People Source: Getty Images
Jonah Hill and Barris co-wrote the screenplay for the film, and it features an impressive cast that includes Lauren London, David Duchovny, Sam Jay, Elliot Gould, Travis Bennett, Molly Gordon, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, Andrea Savage, Mike Epps, Emily Arlook, Alani La La Anthony, Bryan Greenberg, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, among others.
Nia Long and Eddie Murphy also have roles in the movie. In the trailer, you can see them as Hill's annoyed future in-laws. Their characters have to watch awkwardly as Hill tries to convince the parents of the girl he wants to marry that mixed-race people are "really awesome." The song "What's the Difference" by Dr. Dre, Eminem, and Xzibit, from the classic 1999 movie "2001," is played a lot in the clip and emphasizes the conflict between Hill's and Murphy's characters.

#2. You People Netflix Release Date

Lauren London You People
The movie will make its premiere on Netflix on January 27. Have a look at the teaser down below. Fans are sending birthday greetings and well wishes to Lauren London as she celebrates another birthday today (December 5), which also happens to be her birthday.
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