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Jonah Hill 'You People' & An Interesting Story With Lauren London

Searching for information about Jonah Hill You People story? Here we go! There's never an easy way to meet someone's parents, but in the new Netflix romantic comedy You People, it's about to get considerably messier. Kenya Barris's first directorial effort, which he also co-wrote with star Jonah Hill, takes the romantic rite of passage and gives it an interfaith and culture-clash spin. In the film, we see Ezra and Amira negotiating the complex waters of their growing love for one another and their commitment to their respective families.

#1. A Story Of Jonah Hill You People

Jonah Hill You People Source: Netflix
In an updated take on the traditional "meet cute," Hill's character, Ezra Cohen, accidentally gets into the car of Lauren London's Amira Mohammed, who he mistakes for his rideshare driver. Once she gets over her initial shock and accepts his date proposal, they hit it off quickly due to their shared love of music and sneakers. After some time together, it's clear that they've found the one they've been searching for.
They are so vital to one another that it could be time to combine their families. Here enter Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny as Ezra's semi-woke, liberal Jewish parents and Amira's strict, anxious, and religious Muslim parents, respectively (Eddie Murphy and Nia Long). Why do they feel such a strong connection to one another? the ability to cruelly and humorously intervene in their children's life.
You need to go no farther than the movie's teaser trailer to see that Hill is having a furious argument with Murphy and Long while Ezra pleads with Amira's parents for their blessing to propose to their daughter. Which place is it? The world-famous Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles is only one of several iconic locations featured in the film.

#2. Lauren London 'You People'

Jonah Hill You People
London, who grew up in Los Angeles, has stated in an interview with Netflix that one of the most beautiful things about filming You People was that it allowed her to revisit some of her favorite places from her youth. The store Simply Wholesome was, in her words, "by far" her favorite place to shop. As a young boy in Los Angeles, I used to stop by Simply Wholesome on my way home from school to pick up a burger or a smoothie. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit a Black-owned business that serves as a hub for our community and promotes health and well-being in a high-budget film.
However, London did share her opinions about Amira, which you can read below in anticipation of the full trailer's release. She is from Los Angeles and is a really laid-back person. Extremely chill, fashionable, easy-going, and tolerant of whatever life throws at them. An Individual Whom I Might Wish to Acquaint Myself With
The ensemble of funny actors in You People is outstanding. London has said her fellow actors are "masters in their profession," referring to their ability to work together. She went on to list the cast members, saying things like, "You've got Eddie Murphy, Julia, and Nia Long, David Duchovny, Jonah Hill, and Kenya as the ship's captain." There was a wide range of creative contributions from all of the attendees.
Guest stars include a plethora of well-known actors and comedians, such as Sam Jay from "3 in the Morning," Molly Gordon from "Shiva Baby," La La Anthony, Travis Bennett, Andrea Savage, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, Elliott Gould, Mike Epps, and many more.
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