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  1. Who Is Whitley James Farr On Fargo?
  2. Get To Know Lamorne Morris

Who Plays Whitley James Farr On Fargo? Meet Lamorne Morris

In FX's Fargo, the character of Whitley James Farr, also known as Witt, really shines with his honesty and complexity. The man behind this memorable role is Lamorne Morris, an actor who makes it real as this compelling character. Let's get to the heart of Whitley James Farr and check out the path of Lamorne Morris, the actor who nails the role.

Key Takeaways

  • Whitley James Farr, portrayed by Lamorne Morris in Fargo Season 5, is a fair and reliable North Dakota State Trooper embodying 'Minnesota Nice'.
  • Morris's journey, from a Chicago upbringing to a diverse acting career including roles in "New Girl" and "Woke", demonstrates his versatile talent.
  • Beyond acting, Morris engages in podcasting and maintains a strong social media presence, while his personal life remains private.

Who Is Whitley James Farr On Fargo?

Whitley James Farr On Fargo Source: MGM Television
Whitley James Farr, often referred to as Witt, is a character in Fargo's fifth season, known for being super dependable and fair. Portrayed by Lamorne Morris, Witt is a North Dakota State Trooper known for his strong determination and epitome of Minnesota's kindness. He's got a deep sense of what's right, usually shown in what he does, like carefully dividing checks to ensure fairness, not out of frugality.
In Fargo, Witt is all about doing the right thing, a rarity in the show's universe full of complicated characters. His path in the season is marked by his commitment to help and protect, especially evident in his interactions with other characters, and culminates in a powerful ending that sticks with you.

Get To Know Lamorne Morris

Lamorne Morris Source: MGM Television
Lamorne Morris, born on August 14, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois, found his love for showbiz early on. Growing up on Chicago's South Side, Morris's path wasn't just about finding his love; it was about taking on the energy and challenges of his surroundings, which influenced his view and style.


Morris's family life played a significant role in his growth. Raised by a mother working for the United States Postal Service, he also shared his childhood with a brother, Devon. The family dynamics provided Morris with a solid background, teaching him values that he carries into his professional life.


After graduating from Glenbard South High School, Morris attended the College of DuPage, where he studied theatre and received the Chris Farley Memorial Acting Scholarship. His education continued at the Second City Training Center, a place known for shaping many comedy and acting talents.


Lamorne Morris's career is a mix of diverse and amazing roles. His breakthrough came with the role of Winston Bishop in the popular Fox sitcom "New Girl", a character that won him lots of praise and a loyal fan base.
Morris's talent extends to voice acting, as seen in his role in the animated comedy "Urban Ground Squirrels". He also ventured into hosting, with stints on shows like BET's "HotWyred" and the Cartoon Network game show "BrainRush".

TV Shows And Movies

  • New Girl as Winston
  • Woke as Keef Knight
  • Valley of the Boom as Darrin Morris
  • Game Night
  • Barbershop: The Next Cut
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Bloodshot
  • Desperados
  • Sandy Wexler
  • The Christmas Chronicles


Lamorne Morris, known for keeping his private life private, has been pretty private about his relationships. However, it is known that he dated Erin Lim, a television personality.

Net Worth

Lamorne Morris has built up a net worth estimated to be around $4 million.

Physical Appearance

Standing at 5′ 9″ (1.75 m), Morris has a strong vibe with a charming personality, which has become a signature of his acting on screen.

Hobbies and Interests

Morris is a big sports fan, really into basketball. He’s also interested in fashion.

Social Media

Morris regularly connects with fans on his Instagram, where he has over 1M followers.
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