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Fargo Season 5 Episode 8 Preview: 'Blanket'

In a bunch of mysteries and secrets that is "Fargo" season 5, episode 7 titled "Linda," revealed lots of surprises, digging deep into the mind of our protagonist, Dorothy. As we gear up for episode 8, “Blanket”, everyone's excited. What truths and twists await in this second-to-last episode of a season that's cleverly mixed the lines between reality and perception?


What Happened In Fargo Season 5 Episode 7?

Fargo Season 5 Source: Nomadic Pictures
"Fargo" season 5 episode 7, “Linda”, was brilliant storytelling, weaving Dorothy's (Juno Temple) detailed past story into the middle of all the mess. The episode, more than just a series of events, was an adventure through Dorothy's trials. We saw her deal with her past at an imaginary safe place, Camp Utopia, where every woman got a new start symbolically from their traumatic past.
Dorothy's confrontation with Saint Linda, Roy's first wife, and her following puppet show trial was more than just telling a story—it was her big emotional release, her truth coming out in a puppet's tale. Yet, in a typical "Fargo" twist, this big emotional release turned out to be just imagined, a daydream of Dorothy's while at a diner. The episode ended with a sudden snap back to reality, with Dorothy in the hospital and under careful watch of the threatening Roy Tillman.

Fargo Season 5 Episode 8 Preview

Fargo Season 5 Episode 8 Preview Source: Nomadic Pictures
As "Fargo" season 5 heads into its eighth episode, “Blanket”, we can only guess what happens next. Dorothy's wild imagination at the diner suggests a big inner struggle, hinting that her journey in episode 8 might involve dealing with her tough past with her present. Could this mean a confrontation, either really or in her mind, with Roy, the source of her suffering?
The title “Blanket” itself is interesting—does it mean comfort, hiding real secrets, or maybe covering up truths? It's likely that Dorothy, now caught up in her complicated situation of relationships and past traumas, might discover parts of her own story she didn't know. Could this lead to a twist where Dorothy finds out things about herself she didn't know before?
Moreover, the relationships between characters, especially between Dorothy and Gator, are ready to change. Gator's trying to figure out who he is and his struggle with being in his father's shadow might reach an important moment. Could this be the episode where Gator picks a side, leading to unexpected friendships or betrayals?

What To Expect In 'Blanket'?

  • Dorothy’s Psychological Journey: Dorothy's daydream at the diner suggests she's dealing with a lot inside. Might we see her explore her mind more, learning more about her past and maybe uncovering new secrets?
  • The Role of Roy Tillman: Roy being at Dorothy's bedside creates a creepy vibe. Will he try to twist the story of Dorothy’s accident, getting her caught in his lies?
  • Gator’s Path: Gator's confusion and struggle with his dad's legacy have been key. Could episode 8 see him making a big choice that changes where he's headed?
  • The Symbolism of the ‘Blanket’: What does the ‘blanket’ mean in the story? It could stand for comfort, holding back, or maybe a secret ready to be revealed.
  • Unexpected Alliances: With the season almost over, could we see friendships we didn't expect? Characters like Wayne or others might become important in what happens next.

Release Date & Time

"Fargo" Season 5 Episode 8, “Blanket”, is set to air on January 2, 2024, at 12:01 A.M (EST).

Some Other Time Zones:

  • 9:01 A.M. (PST)
  • 5:01 P.M. (BST) or (GMT)
  • 6:01 P.M. (CEST) or (CEDT)

Where To Watch

"Fargo" Season 5 Episode 8 is available for streaming on:

  • Hulu
  • fuboTV
  • FXNow
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