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Who Did King Bach Play In The Walking Dead? Explaining His Return To 'The Walking Dead'

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, you might have noticed a familiar face in the spin-off series The Ones Who Live. King Bach, the internet star and actor, made a return to the zombie apocalypse as Bailey, one of the survivors who crossed paths with Michonne. But who did King Bach play in 'The Walking Dead'? Here is everything you need to know about King Bach's role in The Walking Dead universe.

Who Did King Bach Play In The Walking Dead?

King Bach, known for his role as Bailey in The Walking Dead universe, made appearances in both Season 10 Episode 13 of the original series and Episode 2 of The Ones Who Live. In The Walking Dead, Bailey, one of two stragglers, is picked up by Michonne during her quest to find Rick. Despite an injured ankle, Bailey requests Michonne’s assistance to reunite with their group that has moved ahead.
Bailey reappears in Episode 2 of The Ones Who Live. The narrative continues with Michonne, Bailey, and his pregnant partner Aiden returning to their community. They aid Michonne in procuring supplies and a horse, enabling her to continue her journey.
As the story unfolds, Bailey, Aiden, and Nat rendezvous with Michonne to lend their support. However, disaster strikes as they traverse an abandoned town. A CRM helicopter hovering above releases chlorine bombs, causing severe injuries and choking the group with poisonous fumes. Upon returning from a supply run to a nearby medical plaza, Michonne discovers that Bailey and Aiden have succumbed to their injuries, died, and turned into walkers.
In a tragic turn of events, Bailey attempts to reach Nat, who has managed to survive and is hiding behind a counter. To protect Nat, Michonne is forced to use her sword to kill Bailey, who has now turned into a walker. This poignant moment underscores the harsh realities of their post-apocalyptic world.

Who Is King Bach?

King Bach (whose real name is Andrew Bachelor) is an internet star who found fame on the now-defunct Vine app. At the time, he was the most-followed user with 16.2 million followers. He became increasingly popular after his comedy videos on the platform started going viral.
After reaching heights on Vine, he then started appearing in various acting roles over the years. Some of his notable works include When We First Met, The Babysitter, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Rim of the World, King Bachelor's Pad, Black Jesus, Resident Advisers, The Mindy Project, Behind the Vine, and House of Lies .
In 2024, he also has a TikTok account with 28.5 million followers, where he posts funny skits and challenges. He also has a YouTube channel with 3.1 million subscribers, where he uploads short films and vlogs. He is also working on his own comedy series called King Bachelor's Pad: The Movie, which is set to premiere later this year.
King Bach is one of the most successful internet celebrities who has transitioned into mainstream media. His role in The Walking Dead shows his versatility and talent as an actor. He has also been praised for his humanitarian work, as he has donated to various causes such as Black Lives Matter, COVID-19 relief, and education for underprivileged children.
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