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  1. Role Of Stuart Martin In Miss Scarlet And The Duke - What Happened To "The Duke"?
  2. What Is Stuart Martin Doing Now? The Future Of "The Duke" In The Series
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Is Stuart Martin Leaving Miss Scarlet And The Duke? What Happened To Him?

In the Miss Scarlet and The Duke Season 2 finale, Stuart Martin's character, William "The Duke" Wellington, was preparing to leave London for a new position in Scotland, that may make you think he is leaving. But no, Stuart Martin is not leaving the show Miss Scarlet and the Duke. Stuart Martin has not indicated any plans to leave "Miss Scarlet and The Duke."

In the interview where he answered fan questions, he expressed enthusiasm about the show and his character. He discussed his interest in the role, his thoughts on the character's development, and even talked about filming Season 4. This suggests that he remains committed to the show and his role as William "The Duke" Wellington. His positive remarks about the series and its recent developments indicate he's still actively involved


Role Of Stuart Martin In Miss Scarlet And The Duke - What Happened To "The Duke"?

Source: Masterpiece PBS
In the show's second season finale, viewers witnessed a big change for The Duke. Preparing for a new assignment in Scotland, William's upcoming leave stirred a bunch of emotions, especially in the context of his complicated relationship with miss Scarlet - Eliza.
Stuart Martin's role of William “The Duke” Wellington, a key character in the series, has been a big part of its success. Set in the Victorian times, Miss Scarlet and The Duke follows the story of Eliza Scarlet, London’s first female detective, and her old friend and ally, William Wellington.
This situation led to a cliffhanger, where Eliza seemed about to reveal her feelings to William. However, an unexpected turn revealed that William decided to stay at Scotland Yard, leaving the audience and Eliza in wonder about what could have been confessed.
The third season of the show, which premiered on PBS on January 8, 2023, continued to explore the changing relationship between Eliza and The Duke.
Stuart Martin, in a PBS-shared video, hinted at deeper developments in their relationship, with the characters starting more personal interactions, including dates. However, their work competition continues to be a main focus, adding layers to their complicated relationship.

What Is Stuart Martin Doing Now? The Future Of "The Duke" In The Series

The Future Of Stuart Martin In Miss Scarlet And The Duke Source: Masterpiece PBS
Despite guesses and suspenseful moments in the storyline, it's clear that Stuart Martin remains a central figure in the series. His character’s journey in Victorian London alongside Eliza Scarlet has been a highlight of the drama.
The show, having been renewed for a fourth season, promises to further explore the complicated relationship between The Duke and Eliza, with Martin continuing in his role.
Stuart Martin, born on January 8, 1986, is a Scottish actor known for various roles in television series such as "Babylon," "Medici: Masters of Florence," and "Jamestown."
His performance in Miss Scarlet and The Duke has been especially impressive, showing his variety and depth as an actor. In real life, Martin is married to actress Lisa McGrillis, with whom he shares two children.
Stuart Martin And Hugh Jackman Related Source: Google Images
Despite their strikingly similar looks, Stuart Martin and Hugh Jackman are not related. They come from different countries, pasts, and family backgrounds. In fact, they've never worked together and have never met face-to-face. They are just two talented actors who look so much alike.
IMDb points out several cases of celeb look-alikes, showing off the fascinating world of doubles in showbiz. Some examples are Robert Downey Jr. and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt, Brendan Fraser and Jason London, among others.
It's interesting to observe how some individuals, even though they're not related, can look so much alike, making it even more interesting in Hollywood's variety.
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