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Who Is The Duke In Miss Scarlet And The Duke: Get To Know Our Chap Stuart Martin

PBS's period crime drama, 'Miss Scarlet and The Duke,' is notable for its exceptional cast, featuring actors renowned for their roles. The series is set in the heart of Victorian London and centers around Eliza Scarlet, portrayed by Kate Phillips. Following the unexpected death of her father, Eliza takes the reins of his detective agency. She teams up with Detective Inspector William 'The Duke' Wellington from Scotland Yard, played by Stuart Martin. Together, this unlikely yet quirky duo embarks on a journey to unravel the mysteries and elaborated cases.

Stuart Martin As The Duke

Stuart Martin As The Duke Source: PBS
Stuart Martin, in his role as William "The Duke" Wellington on "Miss Scarlet and The Duke," totally nails it as a hard-edged Scotland Yard Inspector. This dude is all about his detective work, firmly stuck in the mindset that it's a man's job. But, plot twist! His old pal Eliza Scarlet, played by Kate Phillips, is here to shake things up and show him she's got the detective chops too.
Their dynamic? It's like a roller coaster – they protect each other, drive each other bonkers, but you can't miss the sparks flying between them. As Martin spilled the tea in an interview with The Scotsman, their relationship is all kinds of complicated, full of push and pull – like two magnets that can't decide if they want to stick together or fly apart. 
Now, if you're thinking, "Where have I seen this guy before?" – you're not alone. Martin's been all over the TV scene. Remember "Jamestown"? Yep, that was him as Silas Sharrow. And let's not forget about his stint as Lorenzo in "Medici" and his role in "Babylon". But wait, there's more – the guy's also a voiceover ninja, lending his voice to video games like Assassin's Creed and Ryse: Son of Rome. 
Back to "Miss Scarlet and The Duke" – this show's got it all. It's a mix of period drama, crime-solving, and a killer soundtrack. The vibe is just right, with a bit of humor sprinkled in. Martin's character, The Duke, is this old-school guy in an era where women were still fighting for their rights. Eliza's not just challenging crimes; she's challenging his views too, and it's pretty epic to watch.
In a nutshell, Stuart Martin as The Duke? He's got layers – tough on the outside, but there's more to him than meets the eye. And off-screen, Martin's just a regular guy, making the most of life's curveballs. Catch him and the rest of the squad in "Miss Scarlet and The Duke" for some top-notch Victorian detective action.

Who Is Martin When He Is Not The Duke?

Who Is Martin When He Is Not The Duke? Source: Scottish Sun

A Touch On His Personal Life

Stuart Martin, born on January 8, 1986, is a distinguished Scottish actor with a significant presence in both television dramas and comedy series.

Cut to lockdown life, and Martin's just like us, chilling at home, trying to make the best of this wild situation. He's got this chill vibe going on, talking about how we might come out of this pandemic a bit better for it. Martin's got a lot on his plate – juggling family life with his wife, Lisa McGrillis (yep, Kelly from "Mum"), their kiddo, and their cat, Albert. But he's also got this cool perspective on life, finding joy in the little things and looking out for the environment.

And, what's Stuart Martin binge-watching these days? "Succession," for starters, plus a bunch of indie films and, yes, even "Love Is Blind" (no judgment, we've all been there). And when he's not glued to the screen, he's out there being a super dad, building stuff in the garden for his kid and just living his best lockdown life. 
But wait, there's more – his latest project, "Dampyr," sounds like a total must-see. It's set during the Bosnian War with vampires thrown in the mix because why not? Martin plays this anti-hero character, which sounds like a total departure from his usual roles.

Stuart Martin's Acting Career

His portfolio includes a standout role in the Channel 4 comedy-drama "Babylon" released in 2014. He also made a mark in historical dramas such as "Medici: Masters of Florence" which premiered in 2016, "Jamestown" which aired from 2017 to 2019, and the ongoing series "Miss Scarlet and The Duke," which started captivating audiences in 2020.

Some notable shows before Miss Scarlet And The Duke:

  • 2010: "Robin Hood" as Messenger
  • 2014: "50 Kisses" as Thomas
  • 2015: "Slow West" as Callum
  • 2015: "A Song for Jenny" as Colin
  • 2018: "Only You" as Shane
  • 2019: "Our Ladies" as Terry Mooney
  • 2019: "Anthem" as Sev (voice role)
  • 2021: "Army of Thieves" as Brad Cage
  • 2022: "Dampyr" as Emil Kurjak
  • 2023: "Rebel Moon: Part One – A Child of Fire"

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Approach to Acting

  • Sees acting as highly competitive but focuses on giving his best for each part.
  • Believes in the importance of being passionate and excited about his roles.

Role in 'Army of Thieves'

  • Portrays the character Brad Cage.
  • Attracted to the role due to the character's comedic elements and background story.
  • Enjoyed playing a character that subverts typical action-hero tropes.

Experience Filming 'Army of Thieves':

  • Engaged in action-packed scenes, including heists and stunts.
  • Worked alongside Matthias Schweighöfer, Nathalie Emmanuel, Guz Khan, and others.
  • Describes the experience as fun and fulfilling, particularly enjoying the collaborative environment.

Views on Zack Snyder

  • Admires Zack Snyder as a "god of cinema."
  • Excited and honored to work with him.

On 'Miss Scarlet and The Duke'

  • Pleased with the show's reception and its loyal fanbase.
  • Actively involved in filming another season.

Quirky Hobbies In Acting

  • Sees the importance of cherishing time off and exploring new locations while filming.
  • Would like to meet his character Brad Cage from "Army of Thieves" in real life.

Future Projects

  • Working with Zack Snyder again on a new Netflix project.
  • Filming another season of "Miss Scarlet and The Duke" for release next year.
  • Involved in the film adaptation of the graphic novel "Dampyr.
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