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  1. Is Lisa Boothe Married To John Bourbonia Cummins?
  2. Lisa Boothe’s Family: Parents And Sibblings
  3. Career: Is Lisa Boothe Still With Fox News?
  4. Lisa Boothe’s Net Worth
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Is Lisa Boothe Married? Every Insight About Fox News’ Truth Speaker

“Truth-speaker” Lisa Boothe, a prominent figure in American media and politics, is renowned as a journalist, political analyst, and strategist with a rich history of involvement in numerous campaigns and organizations. Her contributions extend to the Fox News Channel as a network contributor, where she shares her insights on diverse topics. 

For somebody who speaks a lot of truth for America, Lisa Boothe kept her private life hush-hush. Curious about her personal life? Wondering if Lisa Boothe is married and to whom? Unravel these queries about Lisa Boothe's family, career, and net worth.


Is Lisa Boothe Married To John Bourbonia Cummins?

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No, Lisa Boothe isn't married and has never been. As a reporter, Lisa Boothe has kept a tight-lip on her personal relationships, even on social media. However, she's reportedly in a relationship with John Bourbonia Cummins, who shares her passion for politics. The rumor sparked in 2015 when she commented “Love you. Mean it.” on one of Cummins’ photos. But officially, John Cummins and Lisa Boothe are not dating.

John Bourbonia Cummins is a former congressional candidate who ran for the US House of Representatives in Maryland's 6th district in 2012. Additionally, he's a U.S. Army veteran with eight years of service and currently holds the position of senior advisor at the Department of Veterans Affairs. According to some sources, John Bourbonia Cummins’s net worth is about $10 million.


Lisa Boothe’s Family: Parents And Sibblings

Lisa Boothe’s Family Source: Google Images

Born on February 3, 1985, in West Virginia, USA, Lisa Boothe hails from a political family background. Her father served as an aide to a US senator, while her mother was a homemaker. 

Lisa has three brothers, with one of them also following a political path. She pursued her education at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where she earned a degree in political science and development. Lisa shares a close bond with her family, frequently sharing snapshots of them on her social media profiles.


Career: Is Lisa Boothe Still With Fox News?

Yes, Lisa Boothe is still with Fox News. In 2016, Lisa Boothe joined Fox News Channel as a network contributor, providing political analysis and commentary on various shows and programs. She also occasionally fills in as a co-host on Outnumbered and The Five. She is known for her conservative views and sharp opinions on current affairs. She is still working with Fox News as of 2023.

Lisa Boothe started her career as a staff assistant in the US House of Representatives. She then worked as a spokeswoman for various political campaigns and organizations, such as the National Republican Congressional Committee, Sandy Adams for Congress, Tommy Thompson for Senate, and Mark Meadows for Congress. She also served as the senior director at the Black Rock Group, a strategic communications and public affairs firm. She often update her professional life on her Instagram as well.


Lisa Boothe’s Net Worth

Lisa Boothe’s Net Worth Source: Google Images

Lisa Boothe’s net worth is substantial. She has amassed substantial wealth through her flourishing career as a journalist and political strategist. In addition to her media roles, she is the proprietor of High Noon Strategies, a company providing a spectrum of services including media relations, crisis communications, public affairs, and political consulting. 

While net worth estimates can vary, sources suggest that, as of 2023, Lisa Boothe's wealth may be in the ballpark of $10 million. Moreover, her affiliation with Fox News is lucrative, reportedly yielding an annual salary of approximately $2 million.



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Lisa Boothe stands as a prominent and influential figure within American media and politics, garnering significant fame and acclaim for her extensive expertise. Her active presence on social media boasts millions of followers, drawn not only to her intelligence but also to her charisma. 

Is Lisa Boothe married? While marriage hasn't yet marked her journey, reports suggest she's romantically involved with John Bourbonia Cummins. For those curious about their relationship, their work on Fox News Channel offers insights.

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