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Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant In 2024? Clearing The Air!

Ashlee Baracy, the meteorologist, captured public attention when she announced her first pregnancy in February 2023, eventually becoming a mother of two by April 2023. However, as of 2024, as people are clamoring "Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant again in 2024?" it's important to clarify that Ashlee Baracy is not currently pregnant.  
To address the rumors and queries surrounding Ashlee Baracy's pregnancy, let's clarify her current pregnancy status. We'll explore the recent developments and statements to provide a clear answer to the question on everyone's minds.

Key takeaways:

  • Not pregnant; mother of two since April 2023. Resilient against body shaming during first pregnancy, promoting body positivity and making headlines.
  • Married since 2016, Ashlee and Jeff have two children. Jeff, a former baseball player, now coaches for the Baltimore Orioles Player Development.
  • Emmy-winning meteorologist and former Miss Michigan. First female Chief Meteorologist at WBNS. Prominent in body positivity advocacy, cancer awareness, and dance. Married to Jeff Kunkel since 2016.

Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant In 2024?

Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant In 2024? Source: Instagram: @abaracy
To answer the obvious question, is Ashlee Baracy pregnant in 2024? No, Ashlee Baracy is not pregnant in 2024. However, she shared the joyous news of her first pregnancy in February 2023. During this time, Ashlee faced criticism regarding her pregnant physique, but she confidently addressed it on social media, emphasizing the normalcy of her weight gain. This resilience garnered attention and sparked discussions on body positivity, making headlines in prominent media outlets.
In response to the trolls targeting her, Ashlee Baracy said, “To all the people leaving rude comments on my posts about my weight, just know that I am proud of my body and what it’s doing. I am growing a human being inside of me, and that is amazing. Your negative comments don’t define me, and I won’t let them bring me down.”
As of the latest information available, Ashlee Baracy is a mother of two, with children named Carter and Caylie. While she may not be pregnant in 2024, her past experiences with pregnancy and her advocacy for body positivity continue to resonate, making her an influential figure in both meteorology and discussions on self-image.

Who Is Ashlee Baracy Husband - Jeff Kunkel

Jeff Kunkel is a former baseball player who played for the University of Michigan. He was a captain of the team in his senior year and was named to the All-Big Ten team twice. After his playing career, he became an assistant coach for the University of Michigan baseball team. Currently, he is an assistant coach for the Baltimore Orioles Player Development, where he assists with catching and fundamentals coaching.
Kunkel has been married to Ashlee Baracy since 2016. The couple has two children together, Carter and Cayle Rochelle. Jeff’s experience as a baseball player and coach, coupled with Ashlee’s meteorology background, make them a dynamic duo.
Ashlee Baracy met her husband, Jeff Kunkel, at a Detroit Tigers baseball game in 2015. Her father, who was a baseball fan, would often take her to games. Jeff and Ashlee began dating soon after they met and got engaged in late 2016. In November 2017, the couple got married in Detroit in the presence of family and friends.

Who Is Ashlee Baracy?

Who Is Ashlee Baracy?
Ashlee Baracy is an Emmy award-winning meteorologist who was born and raised in Metro Detroit. She provides 4Warn Weather forecasts on Local4+ on weekday mornings, at noon, and through streaming. Ashlee started her career at WDIV in 2010 as a traffic anchor, general assignment reporter, and fill-in meteorologist. She then moved to WBNS in Columbus, OH, where she served as a full-time meteorologist for seven years, eventually becoming the station’s first female Chief Meteorologist.
In addition to her professional achievements, Ashlee has inspired a conversation about body positivity during her first pregnancy, addressing experiences with body shaming. Her message went viral and gained media coverage in outlets like the New York Post, People Magazine, and the Today Show. Ashlee is also passionate about raising awareness for cancer in honor of her parents, both survivors. She was honored as “Heroes of Breast Cancer” by the Karmanos Cancer Institute in 2013 for advocacy work.
Ashlee served as Miss Michigan 2008 and was a top ten finalist in the Miss America pageant. She was also a former captain of the University of Michigan dance team. She also holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan, a Broadcast Meteorology Certification from Mississippi State University, and a Master of Science degree from Eastern Michigan University.
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