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How Sick Is Digger On Moonshiners: His Condition Reveald

Eric "Digger" Manes, widely recognized from the hit Discovery Channel series "Moonshiners," recently shared about his health struggles. Many have questioned how sick is Digger on Moonshiners lately.
He's mostly known by his nickname, Digger, and is a native of Newport, Tennessee. Digger has been a key figure in the world of moonshining. Along with his career, he's developed a strong friendship with fellow moonshiner, Mark Ramsey, beyond the camera's glare.

Moonshiner Digger Blood Disease

How Sick Is Digger On Moonshiners Source: Discovery
Digger recently addressed the rumors concerning his health, confirming them as true. He revealed that he's been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), a condition marked by an unusual rise in white blood cells.
Despite the concerning news about his health, Digger has been reassuring his fans that Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) is not a death sentence. In a Facebook post following the premiere episode, he opened up about his diagnosis, expressing his thanks for the support and prayers he's received.
Showing his characteristic positive spirit, Digger faced the CLL challenge with humor. He joked that while the leukemia might not end him, it could make life a bit tougher until something else does. His frank and humorous approach struck a chord with his followers, who appreciated his honesty about his health battle.
CLL is a type of cancer that starts in the white blood cells, or lymphocytes, within the bone marrow. It's known as the most common leukemia in adults, caused by the overproduction of lymphocytes. CLL is often a chronic condition, lasting years or a lifetime, with symptoms like swollen lymph nodes, easy bruising, and fatigue.
In its early stages, CLL might not require treatment, but as it progresses, treatments like targeted therapy or chemotherapy may become necessary. In rare, more aggressive cases, a stem cell transplant might be advised.
After initial tests, further investigations confirmed Digger's CLL diagnosis. The word "leukemia" initially alarmed his fans, but Digger's assurance that it wasn't a terminal type brought some comfort.

Is Digger Sick On Moonshiners

Yes. The 13th season of "Moonshiners" kicked off earlier this month, coinciding with Digger Manes revealing his leukemia diagnosis. After watching the season's first episode himself, Digger felt it was important to update his fans about his health.
He shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse, admitting that the show's cast doesn't get to see the final edit before it airs. This means they watch the episodes at the same time as the audience, which made the editing of the recent episode particularly unexpected for him.
Digger mentioned, “The production team recorded when I told Mark about my initial leukemia diagnosis. After more detailed tests, it turned out to be Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, a non-terminal condition.”
"Moonshiners" is broadcast on The Discovery Channel, Tuesday nights at 8/7c. The season premiered on January 2, 2024.

Who Is Digger From Moonshiners?

Who Is Digger From Moonshiners? Source: Discovery

His Journey in Moonshiners

Eric "Digger" Manes is a familiar face on Discovery's "Moonshiners". His journey on the show began thanks to his mentor, the legendary moonshiner Popcorn Sutton. Digger's involvement in moonshining isn't just for TV; it's a skill and a way of life he's known since childhood. On the show, he's often seen with his best friend and business partner, Mark Ramsey. Their close bond is evident, making them a favorite duo among fans.

Their bond extended to various business ventures, including their collaboration on Sugarland's Distilling Company and The Black Alley Grainery, marking them as successful entrepreneurs in the industry.

Digger's stance on the legality of the show is clear: he believes in what he does and sees it as more than just a means to make a living.

Some Personal Details

Born in February 1964 in Newport, Tennessee, Digger's life has always revolved around moonshine. Despite his role as a licensed embalmer, following his father's footsteps, moonshining was his calling. Interestingly, Digger and Mark share more than just their passion for moonshine; they also share a Facebook page, reflecting their intertwined lives and careers. Digger is a family man, married with a son, though he keeps their identities private. His life's journey reflects a deep connection with his roots and an unshakable dedication to his craft.

His estimated net worth, primarily attributed to his television fame and moonshining ventures, stands at around $300,000.


Digger's career in moonshining naturally comes with its share of controversy. The legality of moonshining and the portrayal of it on "Moonshiners" often raises eyebrows. Digger, however, is one of the few who openly addresses these concerns. He emphasizes that their activities are conducted in secret locations and are completed long before the show airs, negating legal risks.


  • Nickname Origin: Although the roots of his nickname "Digger" are unclear, it's a moniker he's had since childhood.
  • Best Friend and Business Partner: Mark Ramsey, his co-star on "Moonshiners," is not just his best friend but also his business partner.
  • A Diverse Business Portfolio: Beyond the television show, Manes and Ramsey have ventured into various business deals, leveraging their moonshining expertise into successful entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • The pivotal role of Popcorn Sutton in Eric "Digger" Manes' career cannot be overstated. Sutton, a revered figure in the moonshining world, mentored Manes, significantly influencing his path. This mentorship did more than just refine Manes' skills in moonshining; it was a critical factor in his decision to become a part of the television show "Moonshiners."
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