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What Happened To Mike On Moonshiners: Was He Arrested?

Mike from "Moonshiners" is a unique character with a diverse background and a variety of skills. Known as "Moonshine Mike," he's a man of many talents and experiences.
Recently, news emerged that he had legal troubles relating to moonshining, so what's the scoop?

Key Takeaways

    • Mike Cockrell from "Moonshiners" balances moonshining with family life, being a devoted husband to Jenna Hurst and father to five children.
    • Despite facing challenges in moonshining, Mike hasn't been legally troubled, hinting at his involvement in possibly legal distillation practices.
    • Mike's professional life includes working with the legitimate Tennessee Shine Company, demonstrating his ability to navigate the legal aspects of moonshining.

    What Happened To Mike On Moonshiners?

    Short answer: No, he has not faced any legal problems yet.
    Mike has experienced various ups and downs throughout his journey on the show. His involvement in moonshining, an activity deeply rooted in American history, specifically in the Appalachia region, has been both adventurous and challenging.
    Moonshining, essentially the illegal production and distribution of homemade liquor, gained immense popularity due to its tax-free potential earnings and the thrill of evading law enforcement. However, this line of work comes with significant risks, including the potential for arrest and legal repercussions. Despite these dangers, Mike and his fellow moonshiners continue their craft, driven by tradition, potential profit, and sometimes, necessity.
    Throughout the series, Mike has faced numerous obstacles. In one notable instance, he and his partner Mark ventured into a new territory to set up a new still. This move was risky, as entering unfamiliar territory can lead to conflicts with other moonshiners and increased attention from law enforcement.
    In another season, Mike faced a major setback when his secret storage house, containing a large quantity of moonshine, was compromised. This incident occurred after he was warned by fellow moonshiner Daniel about potential police attention. Unfortunately, this led to significant financial losses for Mike, as much of his moonshine supply was confiscated.
    Despite these challenges, Mike continues to adapt and persevere in the moonshining business. His journey is a testament to the enduring nature of this clandestine craft in American culture. Mike's story, along with those of other moonshiners on the show, highlights the complexities and risks involved in continuing a tradition that has been both a source of livelihood and a subject of legal contention for centuries.
    What Happened To Mike On Moonshiners? Source: Moonshiners
    Regarding news on Mike and Jerry getting arrested, no indications or reports are suggesting they have been busted for illegal activities related to moonshine production. Moonshining, while traditionally associated with illegal liquor production, isn't necessarily always unlawful. The Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control has stated that they would take action if illegal activities were indeed happening. This suggests that the activities showcased on the show might be within legal boundaries, or at least not clearly illegal.
    It's worth noting that many distilleries are legally licensed to sell moonshine, and it's plausible that Mike and Jerry could be involved in legal distillation for these establishments. This legal ambiguity may explain why they have not faced legal troubles, as seen with some historical moonshiners like Popcorn Sutton, whose legacy continues to influence the moonshining culture.
    However, recent developments on social media hint at changes in the partnership between Mike and Jerry. In March 2021, Mike directed followers to a new Facebook page titled “Moonshiner Mike Cockrell,” which is solely dedicated to him. This move raises questions about the status of their partnership.
    Jerry, who is less public about his personal life, continues to be active on his personal Facebook page, with his latest post dating back to April 2021. This suggests that he hasn't been arrested or faced legal issues, at least not publicly.
    The recent divergence in their professional paths might be due to different business choices. Mike Cockrell appears to have joined up with Tennessee Shine Company, working with their distilleries, which could indicate a shift towards completely legal operations. On the other hand, Jerry might be continuing with his own brand, Benson, which could suggest differing business strategies or goals between the two.
    In summary, while there's no concrete evidence of legal troubles for Mike and Jerry from "Moonshiners," their recent social media activities suggest a potential split in their partnership, possibly due to differing approaches to their moonshine production business.

    Who Is Mike From Moonshiners?

    Who Is Mike From Moonshiners Source: Mike Cockrell


    Mike from "Moonshiners" is much more than just a face on a popular TV Show. Born in 1979 and currently living in Sevierville, Tennessee, he's made a name for himself both on and off the screen. Fans of the show know him as a skilled moonshiner, teaming up with Jerry Benson to whip up batches of moonshine. But Mike's life isn't all about distilling. He's a family man at heart, committed to his wife and kids.

    Family And Passion

    Mike's wife, Jenna Hurst, is a major part of his life. They got engaged way back in 2014 but didn't rush to the altar. Instead, they took their time, finally tying the knot on September 12, 2021. For their honeymoon, Mike and Jenna headed to Daytona, Florida, soaking in the sun and even checking out BUC-EE's, a well-loved convenience store chain. Their home is in Sevierville, Tennessee, where they live with their family.
    Speaking of family, Mike is a dad to five kids. While he keeps some details private, he's shared bits and pieces on social media. His daughter Chelby is seen with him on moonshine jobs, showing interest in the family business. Another one of his daughters, Maddie, was born in March 2010, and he also has a daughter named Heidi. His other two kids, a daughter and a son, pop up in his social media posts, but he keeps their names under wraps.

    Moonshining As A Career

    When it comes to work, Mike's life is a balance of legality and risk. While moonshining can be a tricky business legally, Mike also works with Tennessee Shine Company, a legit moonshine producer with locations in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville, and Wears Valley. This legal gig shows another side of Mike, beyond the adventurous moonshiner on TV.
    Catch Mike on Discovery Plus, where "Moonshiners" streams, and get a glimpse into the life of a man who juggles family, legal work, and the thrilling world of moonshine.

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