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Why Holly Willoughby Leaves This Morning After 14 Years Of Working

Holly Willoughby, one of the UK's most beloved and accomplished broadcasters, has been an integral part of This Morning for 14 years. Her warm presence and engaging personality have made her a household name, cherished by viewers across the nation. 
However, the shocking announcement of her departure has left both fans and the industry in shock. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind Holly's decision to bid farewell to the show that has become a morning ritual for so many.

Holly Willoughby’s Official Announcement

At 42 years old, Holly Willoughby made a heartfelt announcement tonight that she will leave This Morning. She conveyed that being part of the show for the past 14 years has been an immense honor, but now she feels that the decision to step away is necessary for herself and her family. 
While acknowledging that saying goodbye is incredibly challenging, she expressed her appreciation to ITV for their support and to the devoted viewers who have been a loyal and comforting presence throughout the years. 
Her This Morning colleagues shared their support with the beloved woman. Alison Hammond commented: “This is a very sad day! Love you” while Dermot O’Leary added: “Nothing but love and respect for you and yours. X”
Craig Doyle added: “We are so supportive of you and we love you to bits, we just wish it didn’t end this way.”
Josie Gibson also sent her love to Willoughby by saying, “You’ve made me laugh until my cheeks ache sharing the sofa with you”.

Why Holly Willoughby Decided To Quit This Morning

Why Holly Willoughby leaves the show Source: Google Images
Her exit from the show comes after a former Pizza Hut worker was remanded in custody last week charged over an alleged plot to kidnap and murder Ms Willoughby. 
Gavin Plumb, 36, from Harlow, Essex, is accused of offenses including soliciting to commit murder and incitement to commit kidnap in relation to the broadcaster.
Insiders revealed that the alleged plot pushed Ms Willoughby to quit, but added that it had been in chaos since Mr Schofield's exit.
Her London home was reportedly under police guard due to the arrest of an individual on suspicion of conspiracy to kidnap.

Holly’s Funny Moments On The Show

Join us to look back at her “brightest smiles” on This Morning.
Holly's Funniest moments Source: Google Images
Holly's Funny moment Source: Google Images
Holly smiles Source: Google Images
Holly was so happy on This Morning Source: Google Images


Holly Willoughby's decision to leave This Morning undoubtedly comes as a significant shock to many fans of the show, as well as to the host herself. Given the reasons provided, Holly's future involvement with the program seems unlikely, and we anticipate seeing less of her on our screens. 
Nonetheless, Holly's moments on This Morning will forever remain etched in the memories of her devoted fans. We sincerely send our best wishes to her and hope to witness this talented woman on another show in the near future.
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