20 Disastrous Homemade Cakes Guaranteed to Make You Chuckle All Day

Cake baking is a difficult task. Even if you strictly follow the recipe, chances are that you still screw everything up and leave your kitchen a whole mess. While many are aware of this, they insist on making a cake themselves due to several reasons. They may be on a tight budget or they believe that it would be more meaningful if they made a cake themselves for their loved ones. We looked for them on the Internet, and the results are hilarious. Keep scrolling down to see!
We have compiled a list of 20 disastrous homemade cakes that surely will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Check them out for some fun! If you want to see more of the same, we have additional articles here: 20 Shameworthy Cakes To Make You Feel Better About Your Baking Skills; 20 Crappy Cakes That Deserve Every Shaming Comment.

#1. Nightmare fuel

Source: Lezlie Henson

#2. I can’t decide if I hate or love this

Source: Anonymous member

#3. That's one terrified cake bunny

Source: Allison Anderson

#4. This triggered my trypophobia

Source: Anonymous member

#5. That would give me nightmares. Killer eyebrows though

Source: Gigi Bee

#6. Ugh. Just ugh

Source: Meg Shipley

#7. Love the concept but save the bees!!!!!

Source: Lori Verespie Faustine

#8. Gender reveal cakes

Source: Ash Bridwell

#9. You ok girl?

Source: Melissa LaBounty

#10. Mooooo

Source: Anonymous member

#11. Ghost rabbits?

Source: Marie-Pier Laliberté

#12. Can't get worse

Source: Kristina Petrovic

#13. Avatar cake

Source: Naiomi Cranie

#14. Poor kid needs therapy now

Source: Tiffani Riayn Kleineick

#15. They have all seen some things

Source: Tiffani Riayn Kleineick

#16. Kinda cute but still nope

Source: Anonymous member

#17. Cute idea, horrible execution

Source: Bridie Piper

#18. Hang on...

Source: Lydia Kern

#19. Hell nooo

Source: James Wemo Gardiner

#20. This cracked me up so bad, my sides hurt!

Source: Kim Wells

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