20 Shameworthy Cakes To Make You Feel Better About Your Baking Skills

Cake baking is not an easy task. Making delicious cake core and decorating it require a professional hand or it will become a disaster. Because of this, the typical cake is much more expensive than other types of pastries. On special events like birthdays, weddings, goodbye celebrations, etc, we are often served cakes. However, examples of cake fails are more than you can imagine. We don't know where the bakers get the confidence and audacity to make such terrible cakes but there they are.
In the gallery below, we compiled 20 examples of shameworthy cakes that might make you feel more confident about your baking skills. Scroll down for some fun! Check out our previous post here for more!

#1. A wedding cake with a rosegold theme

Source: Ivalo Hansen Brandt

#2. I spent entirely too much time staring at this

Source: Crissy Arthur

#3. Those fingers look... melty

Source: Kellie Smith

#4. Crumb on my face?

Source: Nikki Mood

#5. Elmo from another dimension

Source: Bria Tessenar

#6. I bet someone feels better after dropping that load

Source: Juli McDonald

#7. It looks like a skate for an elephant foot

Source: Rikki Ruby Jacobson

#8. It’s definitely giving more pig vibes than cow for sure

Source: Candace Marie

#9. I'd be crying too

Source: Lydia Kern

#10. I can feel my teeth breaking just looking at this...

Source: Sarah Potter

#11. Idk why, but the idea of toasted waves cracks me up

shameworthy cakesSource: Kayla Henson

#12. Kind love and hate them at the same time

shameworthy cakesSource: Vivian Avenue

#13. I'm guessing it was a breech birth!

shameworthy cakesSource: Kirsti Naaber

#14. Local, supposedly professional, bakery near me

shameworthy cakesSource: Megan Zalinka

#15. Holy sh*t!!! Nightmare fuel!!!

shameworthy cakesSource: Maximilian Von Lasse Udovičić

#16. My sister said she really tried

shameworthy cakesSource: Jeanine Mahoney

#17. Looks like the king’s horse’s and king’s men were trying some Frankenstein stuff

shameworthy cakesSource: Harley-Jean Young

#18. Can't believe what I'm seeing

shameworthy cakesSource: Michelle Mampre

#19. Happy Father’s, excuse me Hater’s, Day!

shameworthy cakesSource: Alexis Rabinowitz

#20. Pika Pikachu

shameworthy cakesSource: Megan Emily Torres

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