20 Crappy Cakes That Deserve Every Shaming Comment

Making a cake is not easy. That's why the average cake costs pretty much more than other kinds of pastry. We often have cakes on special occasions such as birthdays, wedding ceremonies, farewell parties, and so on. Many people don't want to order a cake because of having a low budget or they want to make one by themselves so it could be more meaningful. However, some people are not meant to be in the kitchen. And they screwed up so badly, their cakes ended up becoming jokes for the whole Internet.
We made a list of 20 crappy cakes that will make you scream "WTF" and roll over with laughter at the same time. Scroll down for some fun. Check out our previous article for more epic cooking fails.

#1. "My wife made me this cake!"

Source: scottydanger22

#2. Someone else's wife made a cake too

Source: GiftedGonzo

#3. "Thanks I hate Jabba the Hutt cake"

Source: MartianInvader2022

#4. "Yet I have so many questions..."

Source: EpicAditya

#5. Harry Potter themed cake, made by a mother, it's supposed to be a broom......!!

Source: barsun14

#6. "She liked hedgehogs so we made a cake for her birthday"

Source: I_crave_waffles

#7. "I told my ex I would make him a cake. However, he doesn't know that the cake represents him"

Source: Silver-Grab4134

#8. "The cake I made for my little brothers 18th birthday"

Source: meghanlovessunshine

#9. "Thanks, I hate teeth cake"

Source: tie3189

#10. "Thanks, I hate Axolotl cakes"

Source: fnaffanhelovesfnaf

#11. This “Turkey” cake from Walmart

shitty cakesSource: shittyfoodporn

#12. A Steve Harvey cake

shitty cakesSource: ExoticShock

#13. Anyone down for some raw chicken salmonella cake?

shitty cakesSource: HappySkullsplitter

#14. Ham cake with mashed potato frosting

shitty cakesSource: monkman180

#15. This Hannah Montana cake attempt

shitty cakesSource: JZEve

#16. Pretty good. Looks like shit.

shitty cakesSource: Mac-A-Saurus

#17. "Thanks, I hate baby shower cakes"

Source: sirkidd2003

#18. "Thanks, I hate minced meat wedding cake"

shitty cakesSource: danruse

#19. "I made a "birth"cake for my sister's baby shower"

Source: shittyfoodporn

#20. "This cake I made for my friend's birthday"

Source: azweirdo

#21. Cop retirement cake

shitty cakesSource: Group member

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