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  1. Did CMT Really Ban Taylor Swift?
  2. Why Did People Believe The CMT Has Banned Taylor Swift?
  3. The Truth About Taylor Swift And CMT's Relationship

Did CMT Ban Taylor Swift? Is The Award Really Banning Her For Life?

If you are a fan of country music or Taylor Swift, you might have heard a rumor that CMT, the Country Music Television channel, has issued a lifetime ban on the pop star, claiming that she is "worse than Garth Brooks". But is this rumor true? And if so, why did CMT ban Taylor Swift?
Thankfully, we have verified that the rumor about CMT banning Taylor Swift is false. In this blog post, we will try to verify the rumor and give you some background information on the relationship between Taylor Swift and CMT. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The rumor claiming CMT banned Taylor Swift, suggesting she's "worse than Garth Brooks," is unfounded. CMT has not issued any ban against Swift nor has it criticized her transition from country to pop music.
  • Taylor Swift's relationship with country music, including CMT, remains positive, highlighted by her continued recognition within the genre, such as her 2015 ACM Milestone Award, despite her broader musical evolution.
  • The narrative around Swift's supposed ban reflects broader discussions on artists' roles in societal issues and the impact of their personal beliefs on their industry standing, underscoring the complex interplay between art, artist ideologies, and audience expectations.

Did CMT Really Ban Taylor Swift?

First of all, let us clarify that the rumor is false. CMT has not banned Taylor Swift from its channel or its awards shows. The rumor originated from SpaceX Fanclub Facebook page. The article claimed that the Academy of Country Music (ACM), not CMT, had voted to cancel Taylor Swift's membership because she had not had a country hit in over a decade and that she kept winning awards that she did not deserve. The article also quoted a fake spokesperson for the ACM who said that Taylor Swift was "worse than Garth Brooks", referring to the country legend who had crossed over to pop music in the late 1990s.
This development comes unexpectedly, especially given Swift's substantial early contributions to country music and her evolution into a global pop icon. The truth is, despite veering away from her country root, Taylor Swift has won an ACM awards in 2015, a special Milestone Award for her achievements in country music. Moreover, the ACM does not have the authority to cancel anyone's membership, as it is an organization that consists of more than 4,000 professional members who vote for the awards .
Even more so, CMT has not made any official statement about banning Taylor Swift or any other artist from its platform. In fact, CMT has praised Taylor Swift for her recent album "Red (Taylor's Version)", which features re-recorded versions of her songs from her 2012 album "Red", including some country tracks . CMT also nominated Taylor Swift for two awards at the 2021 CMT Music Awards: Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year for her song "The Man". Therefore, we can conclude that the rumor about CMT banning Taylor Swift is false.

Why Did People Believe The CMT Has Banned Taylor Swift?

The reason for CMT's action appears to stem from a clash of artistic and ideological perspectives. Swift's music, loved all over the world, has placed her in opposition to the conservative segments of the country music community due to her advocacy for issues like LGBTQ+ rights and feminism. In other words: Swift's recent artistic direction and her vocal support for various social and political causes seem to have clashed with CMT's usual values, leading to this controversial decision. 
By comparing Swift to Garth Brooks, a perfect example of country music's roots known for his significant influence and success, CMT highlights the gravity of their decision. Brooks is often viewed as the epitome of country music's traditions and values, making the contrast with Swift particularly notable.
Swift's exclusion from CMT shows a bigger split within the music industry, where artists' personal beliefs and actions increasingly affect their acceptance by audiences and media outlets. In today's socially and politically aware climate, artists like Swift have taken up the role of changemakers, sometimes alienating conservative listeners in the process.
Moreover, this decision prompts reflection on the role media platforms play in cultural discourse and the limits of artistic expression. As ones who decide what we see, networks like CMT significantly influence which artists gain visibility, thereby molding public perceptions and tastes. By limiting access to certain artists, they show they're sticking to their values, influencing the music industry's landscape.

The Truth About Taylor Swift And CMT's Relationship

Taylor Swift started her career as a country singer-songwriter when she was 16 years old. Her debut album "Taylor Swift" (2006) was released by Big Machine Records, an independent label that specialized in country music. Her first single "Tim McGraw" was a hit on the country charts and introduced her to the country music fans and industry. She soon became one of the most popular and successful artists in the genre, winning several awards from the ACM, the Country Music Association (CMA), and CMT. She also performed at many country music events and festivals, such as the Grand Ole Opry, the CMA Music Festival, and the CMT Music Awards.
CMT, as a country music channel, has followed Taylor Swift's career since the beginning and has supported her throughout her changes and challenges. CMT has aired many of her music videos, interviews, and performances, and has honored her with several awards and recognitions. CMT has also defended her from some of the controversies and criticisms that she has faced, such as her feud with Kanye West, her lawsuit against a radio DJ who groped her, and her dispute with her former label over the ownership of her masters. CMT has also celebrated her achievements and milestones, such as her induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, her record-breaking sales and streams, and her advocacy for women's rights and LGBTQ+ rights.
Therefore, we can say that the relationship between Taylor Swift and CMT is positive and respectful, despite her departure from country music. CMT has shown appreciation and admiration for Taylor Swift as an artist and as a person, and has acknowledged her contributions and influences to the country music genre and culture.
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