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  1. Brandon Frankel Ex-Wife: Does Brandon Frankel Have An Ex Wife?
  2. Who Is Brandon Frankel? His Update 2024

Brandon Frankel Ex-Wife: Was He Married Before Gabourey Sidibe?

Does Brandon Frankel have an ex-wife? The answer is no, Brandon Frankel, a prominent figure in the Entertainment industry, does not have an ex-wife according to available public information. He is currently married to the acclaimed actress, Gabourey Sidibe. Their relationship has been a beautiful journey of companionship and mutual respect, and there are no records or mentions of a previous wife.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brandon Frankel does not have an ex-wife; he is happily married to actress Gabourey Sidibe, with no public records of previous marriages.
  • Frankel, with a successful career in entertainment marketing and branding, is currently with 33 & West and married to Sidibe since 2021.
  • The couple, expecting twins in 2024, showcases their journey of love from a seven-hour first date to a unique kitchen table wedding, avoiding traditional ceremonies.

Brandon Frankel Ex-Wife: Does Brandon Frankel Have An Ex Wife?

brandon frankel ex wife
Who was Brandon Frankel's first wife? Despite the rumors about an ex-wife or having been married before, Brandon Frankel does not have an ex-wife, according to available public information. However, his journey in finding love has led him to his current relationship with Gabourey Sidibe. This section was initially included based on the original request, but it’s crucial to affirm that Brandon Frankel has never been reported to have had a previous wife. His current chapter with Gabourey Sidibe is a testament to his journey of finding love and building a family.

Who Is Brandon Frankel? His Update 2024

Brandon Frankel is a dynamic professional who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. With over a decade of experience, he has held roles in branding, marketing, and consulting, working with some of the top entertainment companies and agencies. His portfolio includes Cameo, Paradigm Talent Agency, CAA Music, and Atlantic Records. As of 2024, Frankel serves as the marketing and branding lead for booking agency 33 & West.
In his personal life, Frankel is married to Gabourey Sidibe, an Oscar-nominated actress known for her roles in the film Precious and the TV show Empire1. The couple met on the dating app Raya. Their first date lasted more than seven hours, and they got engaged in November 2020. Frankel proposed with a lavish setup complete with rose petals and a “Will you marry me?” balloon sign.
They got married in 2021. Sidibe revealed during an appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan in December 2022 that they had already been married for over a year. They tied the knot at their kitchen table about four months after their engagement. Sidibe explained that she doesn’t like weddings because her mom was a wedding singer when she was growing up, so she’s been at a lot of weddings uninvited.
As of 2024, Frankel and Sidibe are expecting twins. The couple shared the delightful news through a vibrant Instagram post. This exciting chapter in their lives is a testament to their love and commitment to each other.
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