Susanna Grace is a dedicated content creator, proudly affiliated with AUBTU.BIZ, whose passion is to make a positive impact on the world. Besides her primary job as a community activist for a non-governmental organization dedicated to environmental and animal protection, she is into writing and journalism. Through her articles, she wants to inspire people to love and protect animals and the environment.


With her love for animals and the environment, along with her experience in the industry, Susanna Grace gives readers a unique perspective on the world around her. At the same time, this content writer possesses a unique art of storytelling, creating articles that resonate deeply in the hearts of readers.

Susanna Grace has honed her writing skills over the course of four years, becoming a seasoned writer in the process. Her dedication to crafting impactful content has not gone unnoticed, with several of her articles earning prestigious awards for being the most inspirational articles of the year. These awards serve as a testament to Susanna's ability to inspire and engage her readers through her compelling and thought-provoking writing.


Susanna Grace holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science and now  works as a dedicated community activist for a non-governmental organization. With her exceptional knowledge and expertise in the field, she has made significant contributions to scientific research on environmental causes and wild animal protection.

On the other hand, Susanna's deep affection for animals has led her to explore content writing as well. She excels in this field, and her articles have received prestigious awards. For example, some are recognized as the most inspirational articles of the year. Her articles not only inform but also inspire readers, encouraging them to protect and love animals.

In essence, Susanna Grace is more than just a content creator; she's a compassionate advocate and educator on a mission to inspire positive change. Her educational background, combined with her extensive experience and deep passion, make her a powerful voice in the realm of environmental and animal protection.

If you're looking for inspiration, actionable insights, and a genuine connection with the issues that matter most, head over to AUBTU.BIZ, where Susanna Grace is your trusted guide to a better world.

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