Twitter Thread: 36 Creative But Bizarre Names People Give Their Cats And Dogs

It is not unheard of owners considering their pets to be their family members, and they don't mind investing into them. Having a furry friend for yourself is wonderful, but owning them is a massive responsibility. It is advised that you should think thoughtfully about whether you are able to give a pet the care and attention it needs before deciding to get one for your own.
Once you've made up your mind about adopting a new furry companion, then you should start thinking of a perfect name for them. That's when Twitter user @adamgreattweet came in with a very amusing observation concerning pet names.  In his post that gets over 488K likes and 37.6K retweets, the man claims dog owners' tendency to go for something pretty ordinary  like "Buddy", while cat owners are generally known for their creatively wild ideas such as “Cool Ranch Dorito.” Are you curious hơ people reply to this interesting post?
We know you are. Therefore, we've compiled 30 most hilarious replies about people's pet names to show you today, keep scrolling to enjoy.


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#3 Such a distinguished gentleman!

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Perhaps, one of the happiest experiences we may have in life is being a pet parent.No matter what your motivation for getting a pet is, it's a decision that is both gratifying and incredibly difficult. Maybe you've finally persuaded your strict dad to let you get a furry companion whom you'll share your future adventures with, or maybe you've decided that your life is somewhat stable and you feel independent enough to start taking care of something.
This choice should be carefully made because you are adding to your small family and bringing another living creature into your home. Once you've made the decision to own a pet, your lifestyle will drastically change; your days will be filled with love and care.


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#5 What a distinguished gentlelady, look how she sits

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#6 " Bathtub where is my food" " Certainly not in my stomach mon ami"

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#7 May she continues to forget!

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#9 Good choice of name!

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#10 Strangely reminds me of Kevin Rudd, ex-Prime Minister of Australia

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#11 Say Hi to Egg

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#12 Has turned straw into gold fur

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#13 Aww!

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#15 Who are you calling chunky!

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#16 I think I love him

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#17 if it fits I sits

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#18 All these cats are cuties, but this one, I am in love

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#19 " Mother...why have you cursed me this way??"

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#21 "wHeRe'S tHe LaMb SaUcE"

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#22 What lovely names

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#23 Mitchell and Webb's  fans

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#25 Tupperware is adorable!

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#26 What a cutie!

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#27 It ain't easy being cheesy

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#28 And people say cats have no sense of humor

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#29 Looks like my sibling's cat ( poor thing's name if Fifi)

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#30 So innocent looking!

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#31 So innocent looking!

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#32 "In the end, it does matter....take this bloody cone of me"

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#33 Contemplating escape

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#34 Love that name for a cat!

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#36 Cat: "I did tell him my REEL name! But he kin call me wut he likes."

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