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  1. No We Are Not, Amber!
  2. Should I?
  3. Best Replacement For Amber?
  4. Though Underwater, Amber Was Still Roasted
  5. You Forget Me?
  6. Aquaman's Kid Version
  7. Keeping The Tradition
  8. The Real Aquaman
  9. Cosplay Game At Its Peak
  10. A Crossover Meme
  11. Another Version
  12. I'm Stocked For The New Aquaman
  13. Everything Turned Cool When It Has Heavy Metal
  14. The Realistic Aquaman
  15. Conclusion

These Aquaman Memes Will Get You Hyped Up For The Next Installment

Get ready for a deep dive into the world of Aquaman, as we gear up for the highly-anticipated release of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom." To celebrate the return of the aquatic superhero, we've rounded up 18 hilarious Aquaman memes that perfectly capture the essence of the oceanic adventure.

But that's not all – we'll also take a look back at some fascinating fun facts about Aquaman. So, whether you're a seasoned Aquaman fan or just preparing to ride the cinematic waves, this meme-filled journey will leave you swimming with laughter and brimming with trivia. Let's dive right in!


No We Are Not, Amber!

No we are not, Amber Source: Reddit
Did Amber Heard make a return in Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom? Find out here!

Should I?

should I watch the new Aquaman Source: Reddit

Fun fact about Aquaman:

Aquaman was among the initial costumes offered for Captain Action. In 1966, the Ideal toy company introduced Captain Action, an action figure meant to compete with Hasbro's GI Joe.

What set Captain Action apart was its innovative feature: children or their parents could purchase outfits to transform Captain Action and his sidekick, Action Boy, into other well-known heroes. 


Best Replacement For Amber?

Best replacement for Amber? Source: Reddit

Though Underwater, Amber Was Still Roasted

Though underwater, Amber was still roasted Source: Reddit

You Forget Me?

You forget me? Source: Reddit

Aquaman's Kid Version

Aquaman's kid version Source: Reddit
There Were Multiple Scripts for Aquaman
In a peculiar twist during the movie-making process, the DC Extended Universe opted for an unusual approach when it came to crafting the script for this film.
Warner Bros. enlisted two distinct writers, namely Will Beall, known for "Gangster Squad," and Kurt Johnstad, a contributor to "300." Subsequently, they brought in David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, a writer for "The Walking Dead," to take a shot at it. The final script emerged as a fresh revision by Beall, with Johnson-McGoldrick stepping in for rewrites. 

Keeping The Tradition

Keeping The Tradition Source: Reddit

The Real Aquaman

The Real Aquaman Source: Reddit
Aquaman's Comic Debut Sold for $75,000
While Aquaman didn't have a significant role in his initial comic appearance, the presence of Green Arrow in the same comic significantly boosted its value and price.
The November 1941 issue of More Fun Comics #73 fetched an impressive $75,000 when in mint condition, securing its place among the top 100 most valuable comics in history.

Cosplay Game At Its Peak

Cosplay Game At Its Peak Source: Reddit

A Crossover Meme

A Crossover Meme Source: Reddit
Aquaman wasn't the inaugural underwater superhero in the comic world. Marvel introduced Namor the Sub-Mariner in 1939. Namor possessed the ability to breathe in both air and water and was renowned for his anti-Nazi endeavors.
Here's an entertaining tidbit: In the 1996 miniseries 'DC vs. Marvel,' a crossover event, Aquaman and Namor went head to head, with Aquaman emerging victorious by unleashing a whale to defeat Namor.

Another Version

Another Version Source: Google Images

I'm Stocked For The New Aquaman

I'm Stocked For The New Aquaman Source: Google Images
While Superman was the pioneer in getting his own animated show back in the 1940s, it might surprise you that Aquaman was the second DC hero to join the animated series ranks, and he did it alongside Clark Kent. Filmation launched a series in 1967, aptly titled "The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure."

Everything Turned Cool When It Has Heavy Metal

Everything Turned Cool When It Has Heavy Metal Source: Google Images

The Realistic Aquaman

Source: Google Images
Aquaman – The First Hero To Get Married
Aquaman stands out as one of the earliest superheroes to tie the knot. In the comic world, this aquatic demigod married his beloved Mera in 1964. In an era when most superheroes were still tip-toeing around their love interests, Aquaman took the plunge into marital bliss. Kudos, Arthur!


 As we eagerly anticipate the release of "Aquaman 2," these Aquaman memes serve as a reminder of the humor and excitement the franchise has brought us. They capture the essence of this iconic hero, reminding us that even the king of Atlantis can have his moments of hilarity.
So, whether it's a laugh at Aquaman's first encounter with dry land or a nod to his epic battles, these memes pay homage to the depths of creativity and humor within the DC universe.
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