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  1. #1. Old Script, New Disappointments
  2. #2. Stunning Visuals But Weak Acting
  3. #3. A Disappointing Farewell To The DCEU

'Aquaman 2': Is This The End Of The Superhero Universe?

Following the narrative set by The Flash and Blue Beetle, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom emerges as the subsequent film and serves as the concluding installment in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). This production garnered significant interest, especially given its release during a period marked by a downturn in the superhero movie genre.
The industry witnessed numerous projects facing substantial losses at the box office. Building on the immense success of its predecessor, Aquaman (2018), which grossed over 1.1 billion USD globally, expectations run high for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to replicate similar triumphs on the big screen.

#1. Old Script, New Disappointments

Old Script, New Disappointments Source: Marvel Studios
The sequel, "Aquaman 2," picks up the story years later. Arthur Curry, now the king of Atlantis (Jason Momoa), has married Princess Mera (Amber Heard) and they have a son. However, Arthur's old enemy, Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), is still seeking revenge after a previous defeat.
Black Manta discovers powerful lost artifacts in Atlantis, including a potent black trident. With this newfound strength, he intensifies his attacks on Aquaman. Faced with the threat, Aquaman reluctantly teams up with his half-brother, Orm Marius (Patrick Wilson).
Despite their differences, they prioritize the safety of Atlantis, joining forces to defeat Black Manta once and for all.
Aquaman: The Lost of The Kingdom Source: Marvel Studios
The movie script for "Aquaman 2" keeps it simple, but audiences quickly notice similarities with other superhero films, particularly resembling the storyline of "Thor: Ragnarok" (2017). In this narrative, two superhero brothers put aside their differences to combat a common enemy.
Sticking to the conventional superhero movie formula, the crew enhances the script's humor to boost Entertainment. However, this familiarity and predictability, where good triumphs over evil, make the conclusion easy to foresee. The return of the old villain Black Manta leaves many viewers disappointed, with the general consensus labeling the work as more of an extension rather than a fresh installment.
In an attempt to convey an environmental message through the sea king's story, the film falls short. The execution lacks finesse, making the details of this message overly obvious and dogmatic. Despite its efforts, the overall reception leans towards considering the movie merely an expansion of its predecessor.

#2. Stunning Visuals But Weak Acting

Aquaman 2 Source: Marvel Studios
James Wan, the seasoned director behind the success of the first "Aquaman," returns to the helm for "Aquaman 2." Renowned for his directorial achievements in hit projects like "Insidious" (2010), "The Conjuring" (2013), and "Furious 7" (2015), Wan brings a wealth of experience to the table.
His extensive filmmaking background allows for strategic storytelling, injecting allure into what might otherwise be a lackluster plot. However, there are moments where the pacing feels a bit rushed, a noteworthy observation given the film's substantial duration of 124 minutes.
With a budget exceeding 200 million USD, the investment is evident in the action sequences and special effects. Setting itself apart, "Aquaman 2" features most fight scenes unfolding beneath the ocean backdrop, offering a unique perspective in the superhero genre.
Wan's directorial strength lies in CGI effects, constructing visually stunning scenes and epic battles featuring a multitude of characters, sometimes reaching millions. The sound stage is aptly utilized, enhancing the continuous action scenes and further contributing to the movie's overall appeal.
Aquaman Source: Marvel Studios
In his latest role as Aquaman, Jason Momoa sticks to his usual acting style, which might make his character seem a bit one-dimensional. On the other hand, Patrick Wilson shines in this movie, getting more screen time than before. He does a great job, working well with the rest of the cast and bringing humor to the film.
Before the movie came out, many people asked if Amber Heard should be removed due to controversies in her personal life. However, she still appears a lot in the film because her character, Mera, is essential and can't be replaced.
DCEU Source: Marvel Studios
However, it seems that Amber Heard's time was also cut down quite a bit to please fans, so her role was also lackluster and less impressive.
Unfortunately, as the final project of the DCEU, Aquaman 2 does not create a feeling of regret or nostalgia. The story also does not have any details related to the old superhero universe.
The film is still entertaining but does not bring viewers many surprises. The work just seems like a disappointing end to the DCEU universe, after 10 years of hitting the silver screen.

#3. A Disappointing Farewell To The DCEU

A Disappointing Farewell To The DCEU Source: Marvel Studios
Despite the visual spectacle, "Aquaman 2" fails to evoke nostalgia or regret as the final chapter of the DCEU. The storyline lacks ties to the broader superhero universe, leaving fans wanting more.
As the credits roll, the film feels more like a missed opportunity than a satisfying conclusion to a decade-long cinematic journey. While entertaining, "Aquaman 2" ultimately struggles to stay afloat, marking a subdued end to the superhero universe's silver screen saga.
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