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  1. Anne Hathaway Goes Au Naturel Under Her Versace Leather Trench Coat
  2. Why Is Anne Hathaway Chosen For The Icon Of Versace
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Anne Hathaway’s Bold Image: Why She Became The Iconic Muse of Versace Fashion?

Recently, Anne Hathaway joined in a new campaign of Versace where she wore nothing underneath her leather coat that surprised everyone. Since the day the star stepped into the world of fashion, she captured the attention of fashion brands and now is seen as a muse of Versace.
In this exploration, we'll delve into Anne Hathaway's latest bold images for Versace fashion and uncover the compelling reasons behind her selection as the brand's iconic face. 

Anne Hathaway Goes Au Naturel Under Her Versace Leather Trench Coat

Anne Hathaway with Versace Leather Trench Coat Source: Versace
In Versace's latest photo release, captured by the renowned photography duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Anne Hathaway boldly dons a sleek black leather trench coat. This stunning coat features blazer-like tailoring, complete with powerful shoulders and lapels, plunging sensually to just above her midriff.
She decided to go shirtless underneath but used a matching belt with a gold buckle in the brand's signature House Greca design to keep the jacket closed. Her accessories included a classic black bag with the brand's iconic hardware. Anne kept her jewelry minimal and opted for a casual tousled blowout with a stylish fringe on her forehead.

Why Is Anne Hathaway Chosen For The Icon Of Versace

Anne Hathaway Becomes a muse of Versace Source: Google Images
Anne Hathaway has entered the world of high fashion with elegance and has recently been unveiled as the newest face of Versace. Known for her timeless and polished style, she has become a style icon, impressing everyone with her chic and put-together looks.
The actress stole the spotlight in a stunning black mini dress and towering platform boots during the Versace FW23 runway event in Los Angeles. She's also graced the fashion scene in Valentino and Alaïa creations. It's evident that Anne has undergone a style transformation similar to the iconic character Andy Sachs.
Anne Hathaway at the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards Source: Google Images
Donatella Versace is the renowned Italian fashion designer and the sister of the founder of the luxury fashion company Versace. She said, Anne “loves and understands great clothes”
Anne Hathaway has been no stranger to Donatella's distinct brand of Italian glamor. The star wore Atelier Versace sequins, making a dazzling return to the red carpet at the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards. 
She graced the Versace autumn/winter 2023 runway show in LA, dressed in a striking high-shine LBD and paired with platform boots that unmistakably carried Donatella's signature style. Notably, this outing remains a personal favorite for the designer herself.


Anne Hathaway graced the Versace autumn/winter 2023 runway show Source: Google Images
Anne Hathaway’s bold images for Versace have left a lasting impression, and she now stands as an iconic muse for the brand. With her timeless style and effortless charm, Hathaway continues to capture the attention of fashion enthusiasts and is sure to remain a prominent figure in the fashion world. Her collaboration with Versace is a testament to her versatility and enduring influence in the industry.
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