Australia Is A Land Full Of Wonders, And Here Are 25 Photos To Prove It

When you think of Australia, you will probably think of the land of kangaroos, koalas, and Vegemite. However, in addition to the beautiful, majestic nature with thousands of species of wildlife or specialty foods and drinks, Australia is also a land full of wonders, as shown by the following photos.
Let's scroll down to explore life in the country, and you'll see many things that are normal for Australians that can seem crazy to residents of other countries—and it's not just about the way they celebrate or the way they talk. Enjoy because Australia is full of wonders.
Also, would you ever want to visit Australia? What do you think is the most interesting thing about this country? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below. These photos that prove Australia is a magical land. 

#1. A library in a wild

Australia is full of wondersSource: Mr_Flashbax85

#2. This is how much food you can get for the cost of a pack of cigarettes in Australia.

Australia is full of wondersSource: nosecornflakes

#3. A naturally pink lake in Australia,

Australia is full of wondersSource: Reddit

#4. A 6-month-old baby kangaroo I am raising is very impatient at bottle time

Australia is full of wondersSource: OlHucklebuck

#5. Some trams in Australia have spots for surfboards.

Australia is full of wondersSource: fryry11

#6. "Still a better receptionist than the one we had on check-in"

Australia is full of wondersSource: Rosey0212

#7. An optical illusion painted on a bunch of buildings in Fremantle, Australia

Australia is full of wondersSource: RevanIsFuckingBadass

#8. Forget the crackers, this guy wants a beer!

Australia is full of wondersSource: cheesetoast95

#9. Sexy calendars in Australia

Australia is full of wondersSource: Reddit

#10. Mary Poppins crossing lights in Maryborough, because the novel's author was born here

Australia is full of wondersSource: MoveOolong72

#11. Australia - Where even the hail can kill you

Source: CCPearson

#12. "Honey, there is a kid on our bug..."

Source: fancyfire

#13. Too hot for Jesus in Queensland!

Source: Aquagenie

#14. Shopping, Australian style

Source: qw46z

#15. The city of Brisbane, Australia, has public bike repair stations

Source: steffle12

#16. Kangaroos: f-ing up your cars since 1901

Source: greggobbard

#17. "Nothing to worry about, it's just a GIANT goanna lizard in a restaurant"

Source: mattsonhayhurst

#18. Heads up!

Source: photobucket

#19. Smart bins in Australia use solar power to compact waste. They also include a foot handle.

Source: Operatic_Ranch

#20. Gotta love a sale

Source: nats_what_i_reckon

#21. "Why are you littering?"

Source: SydneyTom

#22. You heard of Elf on a Shelf, how about...

Source: Clarrisani

#23. Their protest sign goes like this:

Source: CaughtInTheCameraEye

#24. Jesus Sydney take a chill pill

Source: Dean_Nye

#25. Maybe I’ll just hold on

Source: thatswhatisaidman

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