6 Eye-Catching Animals Of Australia That Will Amaze You

Australia has the oddest yet cutest animals on earth! The continent houses thousands of native species that you might hardly find elsewhere in the world. In this article, let’s look through 5 beautiful species among animals of Australia.

#1. Gouldian Finch

Source: Australian Museum

Inhabiting this country, this species is one of the most colorful passerine birds. There are at least six colors on its feather including red, orange, purple, yellow, green and black. These colors are distributed precisely on its body, making its fascinating look. A grown bird eats mostly seeds and might consume an amount of food that weighs one thirds their weight. Moreover, it lives and hides in tree-holes that keep them from predators. 

#2. Pink Cockatoo

animals of Australia 65345764567678Source: Ebird

Another name of these animals of Australia is Major Mitchell's cockatoo. They live mostly inside the continent, apart from the coasts. People consider it the most beautiful cockatoo not only in Australia but in the whole world. This is due to its soft light pink plumage and prominent, bright crest. It is named after Major Thomas Mitchell, a surveyor and explorer in Southeastern Australia. 

#3. Galah

animals of Australia 3645645546Source: Pinterest

The galah is a parrot species living in the Australian region and its neighboring areas such as the Oceanian islands. It has a distinguishing crest and a curved bill. Compared to other parrot species, it is known for its pink and gray plumage. Living across this continent, these birds are the most common there. They are rather loud, noisy and bold even in the wild or in urban areas. 

#4. Bilby

animals of Australia 34652345Source: Adeliade Zoo

This cute name is of a cute animal species. Macrotis and rabbit-bandicoot are less common names. They are Pikachu animals in real life, sharing many similarities to the famous anime character. These marsupial omnivores live mainly in the deserts of the continent. They have pointy noses and super long and large ears. 

#5. Fairy Penguin

animals of Australia 64563345Source: Kidadl

This is a subspecies of little penguins, found in New Zealand and Australia. The south coast of this country is where you can see them. They are literally so small, only 30 and 33 cm in length and 1.5 kg in weight. Their sizes result in its vulnerability to many predators, even dogs and cats. However, they have a special behavior of swimming and walking as a big group. It is a smart choice to avoid bigger and fiercer species which can hunt them.

#6. Thorny Devil

Source: ThoughtCo

These special lizards are also thorny dragons, mountain devils or moloches. You might call them by any name. Their home is in Western Australia, from the inner deserts to the coasts. Conical spines covering their bodies make them look dangerous, otherwise these spines are non-venomous. It is a way to defend from other animals of Australia. Another way for this species to protect themselves is camouflage. Their colors which are brown or tan help them invisible in the conditions of deserts. It might be hard for its predators to spot them in middle of the sand, under the shining sun of Australia. is your daily source of funny stories and Entertainment news. Make sure to not miss any of our daily updates on the weirdest and cutest animals also.
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