19 Weirdest Things About America, According To Non-Americans In This Rising Subreddit

If you've ever traveled outside of the United States, you will find the rest of the world very different from America. But have you ever wondered how other foreigners perceive Americans? Recently, a Reddit user asked people outside of America, "What do Americans think is normal for everyone, but actually, it's not normal for anyone but Americans?" Thanks to the attraction of this topic, the thread immediately went viral. These are the Weirdest Things About America.
There are thousands of responses below this Reddit thread. It seems like people had A LOT to say about what goes on in the good ol' US of A, and despite what Americans may believe, the way we do things in this country seems pretty bizarre! Whether they talk about the way Americans run things or how the American system operates, we believe that many of their opinions will surprise you.
Here we have collected the 19 best reviews. Let's scroll down and check them out! The strangest things about America might be found here.

#1. "Toilet cubicles, where people not only can peek, but an adult person could crawl into your cubicle, there is so much space under the door."

Weirdest Things About AmericaSource: TitanicBeta

#2. "Portion sizes."

Weirdest Things About AmericaSource: pourmewhineoh

#3. "Putting a ton of sugar in products like bread."

Weirdest Things About AmericaSource: TheThingsWeMake

#4. "Being legally allowed to drink only when you reach 21"

Weirdest Things About AmericaSource: I-am-a-Mango

#5. "Having to pay an enormously large amount of money for college education."

Weirdest Things About AmericaSource: OkAppearance575

#6. "Child beauty pageants. Frankly, I would be wary of anyone who organizes or enters a child in one of those things."

Weirdest Things About AmericaSource: BrowncoatSSJ

#7. "Extra large bottomless cups for cola or soft drinks... you could bathe in those"

Weirdest Things About AmericaSource: SlyDigits

#8. "Using the imperial system."

Weirdest Things About AmericaSource: LordCoke-16

#9. "Aerosol cheese products."

Source: everyperson

#10. "Gratuitous violence in Entertainment is normal. But show one boob and people lose their sht."

Source: danno49

#11. "Free soft drink refills in restaurants."

Source: JeezasKraist

#12. "When you are 18 years old, you can be shipped to a foreign country to kill humans, but you are not allowed to drink alcohol."

Source: K_51

#13. "Date Order (MM/DD/YYYY)"

Source: -Sinister-Shadow

#14. "How big the country is and the amount of time you are willing to drive. I had a friend who drove for 16 hours to visit family for the weekend. It's baffling."

Source: ytirmKaja

#15. "Ambulance rides costing money"

Source: Meemesfourdayz

#16. "Not owning kettles and MICROWAVING their water for coffee/tea"

Source: gibbylewd

#17. "Having police patrol the school"

Source: alexis0292

#18. "Bankruptcy because you went to the hospital"

Source: canesfan09

#19. Some non-Americans couldn't believe they were drinking out of red Solo cups, it blew their minds. They kept on taking pictures and saying "It's just like the movies!"

Source: hecubus185

What weird thing do Americans do that makes you laugh the most? Let us know in the comments below.
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