20 Bad Haircut Ideas That Were Actually Tried Out

Every time you visit a salon, you are given a split-second decision to make once they place you in the chair and inquire as to your preferences. Do you choose something new and exciting or something tried and true?
If the latter is what you want, be sure you're at least in capable hands; otherwise, you can wind up like the unfortunate people who are highlighted in the subreddit "Just [Eff] My [Stuff] Up."
Naturally, the comforting fact is that hair grows back. But it frequently takes longer than we'd want. According to celebrity hairstylist Kristen Shaw, it will take 10 to 12 months for hair that has been trimmed to just below the chin to grow past the shoulders on average.
Even worse, since this rate is only an average, it can be adversely affected by a variety of variables, some of which are difficult to address. According to Shaw, "I find that women's hormones play a significant part, and with the increase of things like autoimmune/adrenal fatigue for women, these have been a repeating trend with my clients who have delayed growth and/or hair loss."
Here are 20 bad haircut ideas that were actually tried out. These are the real bad haircut ideas. 

#1 Lion In Chinese Zoo. Keepers Deny Giving Him A Haircut

bad haircut ideas. Source: jakeofheart

#2 Karenizer 3000

bad haircut ideas. Source: souly97

#3 The Real Goat

bad haircut ideas. Source: Pampeldibuh

#4 A Meme That Created A Subreddit

bad haircut ideas. Source: frankrice

#5 You Ever Seen An Onion Half Thats Been In The Fridge Too Long?

bad haircut ideas. Source: EyeChihuahua

#6 Needs No Caption

bad haircut ideas. Source: braincood

#7 Nice

bad haircut ideas. Source: mellowlearner

#8 Me In 2004, When All I Ever Watched Was Fight Club And The Matrix While Blasting The Prodigy "Smack My Bitch Up". So Cool I Had To Wear Two Sunglasses


#9 Gime That Freshly Opened Highlighter Look

Source: servebyte

#10 Give Me The Mr Burns Please Mum

Source: Mista_glass

#11 Excuse Me Sir, Why??

Source: Many-Carry-7793

#12 Looks Like A Damn Lobster

Source: ForeverStrong333

#13 I... I've Got Nothing

Source: mcnairp1986

#14 Nah I Thought He Had A Hat On Lmao

Source: Ronaldinho910

#15 Found On It’s Not Just Great Hair, Check Out The Strategically Sunburnt American Flag

Source: sunny_in_phila

#16 The Smell Must Be Unimaginable

Source: SingularSerpens

#17 Average Florida Man?

Source: cyaron12

#18 Do Dogs Count?

Source: Bluegunder

#19 Saw This Fb Ad For A Local Healthcare Organization. It’s Like A Hair Style Buffet

Source: Boston__Massacre

#20 Will…

Source: AtwellJ

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