Eternals: Your Character Preference Has More Meaning Than You Know

Eternals, the latest MCU film, is noteworthy for its incredibly diverse and expansive team, as well as for posing difficult philosophical questions of heroism and if protagonists are ever fully the courageous individuals they portray to be. Especially in this golden age of superheroes movies, in which fans often put a ton of questions about the value of almost everything that appears on the big screen.
Though it might be more elegant than past installments in the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe, the protagonists nevertheless have a strong attraction. In addition, each and every member of this diverse family shine with a different color of their characteristic traits, all are unique in their own ways. Thus, somebody who picks to associate with (or who somebody's preference) can give insight into someone's character, ideals, and worldview.

#1 Thena - Troubled And Courageous

#2 Gilgamesh - Loyal And Brave

#3 Druig - Bitter And Cynical

#4 Makkari - Determinate And Honorable

#5 Phastos - Loving And Committed

#6 Sprite - Bitter And Stubborn

#7 Kingo - Carefree And Reasonable

#8 Ikaris - Stubborn And Brutal

#9 Ajak - Righteous And Noble

#10 Sersi - Empathetic And Kind

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