20 Mildly Frustrating Things That We Can All Sort Of Relate

Mildly infuriating (click for definition). It' s really infuriating to deal with or see but it not to the point of anger so you live with the constant burden of knowing there is an imperfection somewhere around the world that you saw and can never fix

Missing your bus, forgetting your lunch at home, stepping in poo – all of these things have something in common. They’re all kind of infuriating. However, they’re not worth losing your marbles over and sometimes sharing them with strangers on the internet is all you need to let off some steam. 20 Mildly Frustrating Things below are going to piss you off.

From those annoying pink erasers to stubborn fitted sheets, check out the things that mildly infuriated people in this post. These mild annoyances that we all relate to are must-see. 

#1 When You Spend 30 Mins Guessing Your Passwords And Decide To Reset It And This Happens

20 Mildly Frustrating ThingsSource: GerardWayNoWay

#2 Forget Drinking Straws – This Is The Kind Of Plastic Use We Should Be Protesting

20 Mildly Frustrating ThingsSource: jukeboxherowithstars

#3 When You’re Pouring Something And This Happens

20 Mildly Frustrating ThingsSource: Bailey_Haldwin

#4 Erasers Like These

20 Mildly Frustrating ThingsSource: ByTheWayGiveItAway

#5 I Feel Like This Happens To Me More Often Than It Should

20 Mildly Frustrating ThingsSource: broke_ass_brock

#6 Finally Someone Made A Statue Of This

20 Mildly Frustrating ThingsSource: AssturdLevinson

#7 Boxes That Open Like This

20 Mildly Frustrating ThingsSource:  jacobhottberry

#8 Back Pain Remedy On The Bottom Shelf

Source: jeff1989uk

#9 When Your Keys Do The Thing

Source:  More_again

#10 The Way My Mom Watches TV With Things Obscuring The Screen

Source: eharsh87

#11 Destroying The Planet One Apple At A Time

Source: mattyfatty1

#12 Wtf I Suppose To Say

Source:  fredboycolor

#13 The Beach Near My House After The Tourist Left

Source: Regangibson212

#14 Every Dang Time


#15 These

Source:  CJLB

#16 The Image Speaks For Itself

Source: CricketMeson

#17 Text Printed All The Way To The Spine

Source: hippygrandad

#18 The Only Reason Why I Hate Glasses

Source: Dont-Fuck

#19 When People Answer Amazon Product Questions That They Cannot Answer

Source: overdried

#20 I Knew There Was Something Fishy When My Pencil Sharpened Perfectly

Source: the-jaxter

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