40 Times Makeup Artists Doing Clients Dirty With Their Fails

Yes, there are people who can bedazzle stylists and beauticians with their speechless makeup results. Whether these painted faces are unlucky failures or intended jokes, they succeed in tickling viewers' funny bones. They are terrible and mesmerizing at the same time. You know it when you start laughing so hard and can't help taking your eyes off the screen and scrolling nonstop to see what's next.
Here are 40 images collected from the salty shocking subreddit Bad Makeup Artists where rocking ladies and gentlemen share their proud makeup outcomes. It doesn't matter if people will welcome or blow a gasket. These heavy-taste artists will never stop being sassy and classy because their styles are unique and unduplicatable.
Let's cut the intro and jump right into times when makeup artists make clients look ugly! Just a short warning: you might need some eyedrops after this collection of makeup artists fails.

#1 The Brows And The Shade Of The Foundation Is Awful And It Looks Like A Mess. She Looks Like She Was Slapped With Mud And Her Makeup Was Done By Krusty The Clown

Makeup Artists FailsSource: r/BadMUAs

#2 Spotted On SVU This Morning, This Poor Woman's Color Match Is Especially Heinous

makeup artists failsSource: u/viennalabeef

#3 I’m A Dude And Don’t Know Anything About Makeup But I’m Assuming Your Face Isn’t Meant To Look Like You Have A Goggle’s Tan

makeup artists failsSource: r/BadMUAs

#4 Beef That Been Left Out For Too Long Lips

makeup artists failsSource: r/BadMUAs

#5 I Found These Gems Randomly On IG, And You Guessed It, They’re British. Shade Difference, The Brows, I Could Go On

makeup artists failsSource: queeriequeerio

#6 It Gets Worse The More You Look At It

makeup artists failsSource: r/BadMUAs

#7 There's A Lot To Unpack Here

makeup artists failsSource: r/BadMUAs

#8 This Look Is Giving Me Anxiety

makeup artists failsSource: r/BadMUAs

#9 Buzzfeed's Geisha Makeup vs. Actual Geisha Makeup

makeup artists failsSource: r/BadMUAs

#10 Yikes. You Would Think MUAs For Their Show Would Do Better

Source: r/BadMUAs

#11 Horrific Colour Match

Source: u/replickady

#12 Wedding Glam Apparently

Source: r/BadMUAs

#13 Why This Though

Source: u/iatecivilization

#14 The Difference In Skin Tone

Source: u/buymeachocolatedonut

#15 As A Mum I'd Be Raging Trying To Remove The Foundation From Her School Shirt!

makeup artists failsSource: u/Katierippe

#16 This Deserves Some Kind Of Medalmakeup artists failsSource: u/ielongatedmylifthom

#17 I Smell Like Beef

makeup artists fails Source: u/AccomplishedAioli

#18 Keep In Mind He Was On A Show For Makeup Artists

makeup artists failsSource: u/brandywinemind

#19 Felt Like You’d All Appreciate A Little Satire

Source: u/Prototyping_it

#20 It's Actually Just Me... The Goal Was A Purple/Yellow Look. I Tried A Disney Villain And I'm Just Ashamed

makeup artists failsSource:

#21 Just No!!!

Source: u/lexi9900

#22 The Foundation Match... Look At Her Hair Line!!!! The Brows Are Literal Caterpillars!

makeup artists failsSource: aaavvvwww

#23 ???

makeup artists fails Source: u/kwazaa

#24 She’s Like A Full 8 Shades Darker Than Her Arm

Source: u/Conde81

#25 ...Yikes

makeup artists failsSource: u/pancakeparade

#26 I Feel Violated. Posted In One Of Makeup Groups

makeup artists failsSource: u/medzia96

#27 Remember: Even Celebs Ain't Safe From Bad MUAs

makeup artists failsSource: r/BadMUAs

#28 I Genuinely Think This Is The Worst Thing I’ve Seen On My Explore Page

makeup artists failsSource: u/maddie_na

#29 Found This Today And... I’ve Never Seen A Foundation Match This Bad

makeup artists failsSource: u/megsup

#30 Mexican Politician

makeup artists failsSource: u/Approximately23dogs

#31 A Lot To Unpack Here

makeup artists failsSource: u/bsuri089

#32 If You All Thought The Last One Was Bad To Have A Look At This One


#33 Foundation Match Isn’t Even Close, So Muddy Too

Source: u/coffeediva98

#34 She Did Her So Dirty...

Source: u/makeupformermaids

#35 A Very Heavy Makeup Look

makeup artists failsSource: r/BadMUAs

#36 Found On Instagram - Blushed To The Gods

Source: u/__fliman__

#37 Whoever Did Her Makeup For The Show Should Be Sued

Source: u/Depraysie

#38 A Catalogue Of Errors

makeup artists failsSource: u/makeupformermaids

#39 I Don't Trust The Process

Source: u/lunadarko

#40 Category Is: Things That Keep Me Awake At Night

makeup artists failsSource: indikos

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