15 Adult Jokes From Our Childhood Cartoons That We Totally Missed As A Kid

Cartoons are meant for children, but along the way, the producers recognize that parents make up a significant portion of their audience. As a result, many of them hide sexual implications, drug references, dirty one-liners, and other adult-themed humor within seemingly innocent cartoons.
Let’s think back for a moment. As a kid, do you remember those times when your parents laughed so hard during a few cartoon scenes, and you just sit there having no idea what was happening? Was it from The Simpsons? Or maybe Ren and Stimpy? Even though we may not realize it then, everything’s starting to make sense now that we’re older.
The whole point of these gags is to go straight over the kids’ heads and make their way into the ears of adult viewers, sometimes subtly, sometimes not. There are a lot more than you can remember, like that one time when SpongeBob SquarePants was once found viewing sea anemone porn. Who would have thought?
To help you go down memory lane, here are 15 adult jokes from our childhood shows and movies that you may have missed. Pick out your favorite scene and share it with us in the comment!

#1 Shrek

Lord Farquaad has a rendezvous with himself and sits naked under his bedsheets in one scene. He even begs the mirror, who seems clearly repulsed, to show him the ladies he likes. Farquad's short look beneath his blankets suggested that he was aroused.

#2 The Road to EI Dorado

Chel and Tulio are probably having love off-camera in one clip, yet she appears from his waist.

#3 The Amazing World of Gumball

The poor tiny balloon bemoans the fact that he lacks the skill or power to self-inflate. Gumball saves him by blowing him up in a restroom.

#4 Zootopia

In Zootopia, there's a little ads flyer for bunnies that says, "Get yourself fixed." It appears that reproducing numerously is a first-world problem in Judy's society.

#5 The Spectacular Spider-Man

Soon after Spider-Man slings his web on Black Cat's hand, she advises Spidey, "You better not get your goop in my hair," in a flirtatious tone.

#6 Cars

When two female Mazda cars approach Lightning McQueen, they declare themselves to be his biggest admirers and demonstrate their pop-up headlights. He was literally being flashed.

#7 Animaniacs

Dot ends up hunting for popstar Prince when Jakko asks her to look for prints. Finger "Prince", get it?

#8 Toy Story 3

The film looks to be about the Holocaust if you connect the connections and pay attention. The maltreatment of the toys in the daycare is akin to the treatment of prisoners in concentration camps. What does that mean for the bad bear?

#9 Justice League

That time when Hawkgirl teased The Flash about his love life. "The fastest man alive." She sure has a way with words.

#10 The New Batman Adventures

"Don't you want to rev up your Harley?" Harley Quinn asks the Joker in one of the episodes. Vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom vroom. This isn't a motorcycle she's talking about. Mistah J, on the other hand, isn't interested in the Harley ride.

#11 The Flinstones

When Fred and Barney go to the costume store, Fred tells Barney that all he needs is another head if he wants to look taller. "What do I need three of them for?" Barney quickly responds.

#12 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


If you look at the film's end credits, you'll see that Marauder's Map, which depicts the footprints of all of the students at the school, has two quite naughty entries. I wonder what they were doing in the room.

#13 Wreck-It Ralph


Wow, slow down there Ralph. Who would have thought this innocent cartoon made for kids would have a Mortal Kombat reference.

#14 Beauty and the Beast


Okay, that got a little too deep. The movie really depicted the harshed reality of relationships, didn't it?

#15 Spongebob


The last, and probably the most famous adult joke on the internet, is the one when Spongebob was caught watching anemone porn. He immediately switched to sports channel right after.
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