25 Very Bad Day Photos That Can Make A Cry

In comparison to those around you, do you consistently have bad luck? And you feel like you were born under a bad star? Yes, life is not always easy or perfect. The course of life might be unpredictable. We, more often than not, get into troubles and accidents, but these difficulties help us learn and grow. We become more resilient and become more aware of our values.
We have collected 25 of the pictures of the day are very bad. If you are upset because your luck is sour almost daily, scroll down to check them out immediately. And you will find that there are many unlucky people whose days are even much worse than yours. And maybe you will feel better later. If you like this article, don't hesitate to share these very bad day photos with your friends and your family.

#1. Stupid orange cones getting in my way

Bad Day PhotosSource: Zanzibear

#2. That awkward moment when Ken wore it better than you...

Bad Day PhotosSource:

#3. Beer towel

Bad Day PhotosSource: KevlarYarmulke

#4. When you are the only man in your yoga class

Bad Day PhotosSource: W0ORI

#5. The exact moment I gave up on ballet

Bad Day PhotosSource: ilia731

#6. When I try to enjoy nature and immediately regret it

Source: Ownage Pranks

#7. Biking

Bad Day PhotosSource:

#8. This kid is in a predicament.

Source: Kids in Predicaments

#9. The awkward moment when you look like you work here

Bad Day PhotosSource:

#10. Police in Montreal protest their contracts by wearing different coloured pants. It's getting a bit ridiculous

Bad Day PhotosSource: [deleted]

#11. That awkward moment when your bridesmaid spill's red wine on you...

Bad Day PhotosSource:

#12. Head shoot


#13. Sunscreen, next time

Bad Day PhotosSource:

#14. That awkward moment when a hyena is more photogenic than your friend

Bad Day PhotosSource:

#15. How is this for some big air at the lake?


#16. Perfect match

Bad Day PhotosSource: Z1GF0

#17. Have you ever been hit so hard in the balls that you went full velociraptor?


#18. This picture brings me so much joy it hurts


#19. Ouch


#20. The awkward moment when your hair matches the cowhide bag perfectly. And you have a cow's name

Bad Day PhotosSource: gingerellaellaella

#21. Train door stole someone's shoe

Bad Day PhotosSource: Dr_Procrastinator

#22. See you in court Palmer Paint Products

Source: LeleTill

#23. At least it's leaking in the bathtub

Bad Day PhotosSource: iBleeedorange

#24. The ex told me to wash her car

Bad Day PhotosSource: Twistedripper

#25. Seagull took his ice cream

Bad Day PhotosSource:

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