20 Parenting Tweets That Prove Life With Kids Is Never Dull

Raising children is like riding a roller coaster, as any parent will attest. Parenting is not an easy task, what with dealing with tantrums, having to re-learn all that math you haven't touched since elementary school, and attempting to actually get your adolescent to talk to you. Despite these difficulties, parenthood may also be quite rewarding and very, very funny at times. To demonstrate this, a lot of moms and dads have posted online about their funniest parenting moments. Check out these funny parenting and life tweets.
If you need a laugh (or a break from your own children), these hilarious tweets about funny parenting and life tweets that we have collected are sure to crack you up. Now, take a minute to scroll down and check them out. These totally relatable 20 parenting tweets will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Also, if you are a parent, don't hesitate to share your parenting experience with us by leaving your mark in the comment section below.

#1. I can picture this and feel your pain

20 parenting tweetsSource: XplodingUnicorn

#2. She will grow up to be a nutritionist

20 parenting tweetsSource: LizerReal

#3. Just let it go

20 parenting tweetsSource: RYGdance

#4. A young man must set boundaries

20 parenting tweetsSource: dadmann_walking

#5. Makes sense

20 parenting tweetsSource: Lhlodder

#6. Omg that’s hysterical

20 parenting tweetsSource: MommyingHard

#7. They're wisdom lines

20 parenting tweetsSource: Dad_At_Law

#8. The sneakiness is strong with this one!

Source: kevinthedad

#9. Give it up, mom. You're done

Source: oneawkwardmom

#10. It makes you wanna shout MAKE IT STOPPPPPPP!!!!!

Source: UpsideDad

#11. Genius

Source: SnarkyMommy78

#12. Best words

Source: HomeWithPeanut

#13. LoL

Source: sixfootcandy

#14. Mayo is an amazing silly kid

Source: MichaelVogel1

#15. I mean....he's not wrong

Source: deloisivete

#16. Solidarity, my friend

Source: BtSquared2

#17. Fabulous

Source: AubriePesky

#18. Hopefully pretty good with all those years of practice by then

Source: IHideFromMyKids

#19. Whoa, you have a scientist in the making...

Source: wildrainbow2

#20. No blood, no foul

Source: michimama75

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