5 Most Amazing Animals You Can Ride Around The World 

They are definitely not animals used for transportation traditionally. Otherwise, they are well trained to be animals you can ride on, for entertaining purposes. Let’s check them out right below. 

#1. Elephant

animals you can ride on 1Source: Vietnam Insider

Historically, elephants were commonly ridden in battles due to their enormous size in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Laos, India, and Thailand. Nowadays, riding an elephant may be an exciting experience when traveling to these countries or African countries. Anyways, many animal organizations have informed us that this is unrecommended, mainly because of animal abuse. This activity is banned in many countries.

#2. Dolphin

animals you can ride on 2Source: Holiday Genie

Yes, you can swim with these aquatic mammals. The dolphin is a friendly and intelligent species, one of the smartest animal species on earth. There are several aquariums and water parks that provide this service. 

#3. Giraffe

animals you can ride on 3Source: Pinterest

It must be so cool to take a trip on the world’s tallest land animals, native to Africa. Anyways, since they are not that active, giraffes just stand still for a long while. Fortunately, you might still enjoy the view from such an incredible height!  Moreover, you should be careful. It would not be very nice falling from a giraffe’s back. 

#4. Zebra 

Source: London Media

Technically, a zebra is just like a striped horse! The only difference is that it is never fully domesticated. This wild animal is unexpectable, uneasy-going, and sometimes fierce. After all, it is a wild species. Even well-trained horses have hot-tempered moments but these sassy creatures. 

#5. Ostrich

Source: Reddit

Do you know that they are the fastest-running birds? Ostriches are the largest flightless birds remaining until now after their relatives are now extinct. They have super long and strong legs. If you are fond of something speedy, spectacular, and challenging, you might want to experience these animals you can ride on. To be clear, we do not recommend these acts and this post is basically to inform more interesting facts. Animal cruelty is a crime and needs to be stopped. updates the most interesting stories and news daily. Remember to check out daily for more posts about wild animals and hilarious pet stories!
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