5 Common Animals Used For Transportation-All Things You Should Know

Animals used for transportation are also called pack animals. During humans’ development, many species were tamed to help humans’ activities. They are used for the shipment of humans and goods, agriculture, and even in military missions. These trained animals have been always helpful to our lives.
So here are 5 common animals used for transportation and all things you should know

#1. Horse

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They soon became working animals ever since humans were used to traveling and trading. Therefore, the packhorse was one of the most important species contributing to business all around the world. Moreover, they are essential in the combat of ancient times. 
Back in the 13th and 14th centuries, the Mongolians had dominated the Eurasian continent thanks to their extremely strong war horses. It is not too much to say horses had some kind of influence in the history of humans. Also, their relatives including donkeys and mules are also the animals used for transportation.
Nowadays, riding a horse has become a sport for entertaining and also competing and petting purposes. 

#2. Camel 

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Horses are the best means of transportation in general but in the largest deserts of Africa and Asia, people did learn how to use camels for traveling. They are notable large herbivorous mammals with insane durability. A fully fed camel can last for months without eating and drinking. 

#3. Sled dog

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Dogs are humans’ best friends. They are the closest species to us out of all the other animals on this planet. In the Arctic, humans did tame and use them for transportation. They are especially trained to pull a sled as a team, minimum consisting of 3 dogs. Nowadays, people in Greenland or the east of Russia still have this tradition instead of modern means of transportation.

#4. Reindeer

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The reindeer is a member of the deer family. They are native to cold areas of North America, Europe and Asia. Similar to sled dogs, a small group of reindeers would be well trained to pull a sled for the same purposes. Furthermore, there is a belief about them being Santa Claus’s sled animals in the stories about him. They are among the biggest animals used for transportation.

#5. Yak

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A domestic yak is normally found in the Himalayan areas and Tibet, also Mongolia. So, they are adapted to climb on the high mountains and put up with the freezing climate of these regions. Yaks are traditional animals to ride on in these places. Notable, a fluffy and thick fur covering their bodies help them to survive and labor in such distinct places.
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