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  1. #1. The 5 Most Fascinating Kinds Of Animal Hybrids

5 Incredible Kinds Of Animal Hybrids You Won't Believe They Exist

What exactly are animal hybrids? What are the several categories of hybrid animal species? Are they the kinds of beings that can only be found in stories and legends? No! Many animals have been hybridized.
Most of the time, hybrid animals are the offspring of sexual encounters between two species closely related to one another, such as lions and tigers. Lab hybrid animals also exist. Scientists refer to the process as "somatic hybridization" because it enables scientists to modify genes to generate new species that possess advantageous characteristics inherited from both parents. Scroll down to see the list of the six incredible kinds of animal hybrids you won't believe they exist.

#1. The 5 Most Fascinating Kinds Of Animal Hybrids

1. Animal Hybrid Between a Leopard and a Lion is Called a "Leopon"

The offspring of a male leopard and a female lion, known as a leopon, is stunning and extremely rare. Leopons reach sizes comparable to those of lions, but their legs are shorter than those of a leopard. Other leopard characteristics include a fondness for water and the ability to scale vertical surfaces. How Did You Find Out? A leopard is a name given to a baby born from a male lion and a female leopard. While male lions can grow as tall as 10 feet and weigh as much as 500 pounds, female leopards are normally shorter at 5 feet and far lighter at 80 pounds. Male lions and female leopards rarely mate due to their huge size disparity.

2. Animal hybrid of the American buffalo and the domesticated cow; called a "beefalo."

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The beefalo is a hybrid mammal, a cross between a buffalo and a cow (Bos taurus x Bison bison). The domesticated bull and the female American bison produce the offspring "beefalo." The beefalo is the result of crossing buffalo with cattle. A domesticated bull and a female American bison are usually what breeders use to generate beefalo. Beefalo has a useful ability lacking in many other animal hybrids: they can breed independently. You may have no idea of the extinction of these animals.
These animals result from deliberate human breeding efforts to increase beef output. They are more docile and simpler to raise than domestic cattle, and their meat is thinner and tastier than bison. Beefalo is a hybrid breed that resembles cattle but also contains 37.5 percent bison. Cattalo is a term used to describe breeds that contain at least 50% bison; in addition, any hybrid that looks more like a bison than a cow is typically classified as an "exotic animal" rather than domesticated cattle.

3. A Grizzly and Polar Bear Crossbreed, Called a Grolar Bear - Animal Hybrids

animal hybridsYou guessed it: Grolar bears are a hybrid of grizzly and polar bears. In addition to "pizzly bears" and "Nanulak," a combination of the First Nations' terms for polar bear (Nanuk) and grizzly bear (Aklak), these animals are also known to some as "pizzly bears."
In the wild and zoos, polar bears and grizzlies rarely interact due to their mutual dislike for one another, making grizzly-polar bear hybrids (or "Grolar bears") an intriguing phenomenon. More of these cute, fuzzy, caramel-colored hybrid bears have been born due to extraordinary circumstances and human interference. They are generally smaller than polar bears, reaching an average of 60 inches in height at the shoulder and roughly 1,000 pounds. Still, their grizzly bear ancestry gives them an advantage in warmer regions.

4. The Jaguar-Lion Hybrid, or Jaglion - Animal Hybrids

animal hybridsThe Jaglion, an offspring of a male jaguar and a female lion, is another beautiful and fascinating big cat hybrid. As a result of their rarity, nothing is known about Jaglions. However, two Jaglion cubs were born due to an accidental mating between a black jaguar and a lioness. In contrast to the lion-like coloring and rosette-pattern spotting of the first, the dominant melanin gene of black jaguars gives the second a stunning dark gray coat with black patterning. The name "Liguar" refers to the offspring of a male lion and a female jaguar, which is an unnatural combination. Jaglion is one of the most dangerous animals on earth!

5. Animal Crossbreeding Between Zebras and Horses

animal hybridsAnimal hybrid consisting of a zebra and a horse; scientific name: Equus zebra x Equus caballus. The hybrid child of a zebra and another type of horse is called a zebroid. A zebroid is a cross between a zebra and another type of horse. The combination of a zorro and a horse is known as a "zorse." Rarely do zebras even try to breed, and the offspring are frequently infertile when they do. The offspring of a male donkey and a female zebra is known as a hinny, but such hybrids are extremely rare.
All zebra hybrids share the distinctive striped pattern of their zebra ancestors, but their overall look is typically more like the animal with which they were bred. Fewer than half of these hybrids have true tiger stripes. However, depending on the genes of the non-zebra parent, the stripes may appear only on the legs or other non-white parts of the body.
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