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  1. 1. Parrots
  2. 2. Asian elephants
  3. 3. Tiger
  4. 4. Chimpanzees
  5. 5. Sea Otter
  6. 6. Giraffes

Top 6 Animals In Danger That You Don’t Know

You'd be astonished at how many familiar animals are actually in danger, many of them as a result of issues created by humans.
Today, we mention 6 animals in danger of extinction that you don’t know

1. Parrots

Animals In Danger, Parrots

The IUCN estimates that 52 parrot species are listed as being either endangered or severely endangered. There are numerous parrot species in South Africa that are in grave risk of going extinct, including the Cape parrot. Because there are fewer than 2,000 of them surviving, this parrot holds the dubious distinction of being Africa's rarest parrot. The extensive deforestation of the Cape parrot's native yellowwood woodlands has significantly contributed to its sharp decline in population.

2. Asian elephants

Animals In Danger, Asian elephants

The primary danger to Asian elephants is the loss of their habitat. As the human population increases, people encroach on their land to erect highways and railroads. In Myanmar, elephants are particularly vulnerable to being caught, sold, or utilized for illicit tourism purposes. Although the precise number of elephants surviving on the continent is unknown, researchers believe there may be fewer than 40,000 of them.

3. Tiger

Animals In Danger, Tiger

Slash-and-burn agriculture, deforestation, and human encroachment have significantly reduced the habitat that these tigers may use. The biggest threat to tigers is believed to be poaching for trophies and body parts used in Asian "medicine." There are probably fewer than 4,000 in the wild today. The consumption of endangered species, such as tigers, whose bones, penises, and other parts are superstitiously thought to have miraculous healing properties, was formally banned in China in 2014.

4. Chimpanzees

Animals In Danger, Chimpanzees

Bushmeat, a type of game meat from chimpanzees, has gained popularity among affluent Africans, making chimpanzees a common target for poachers. Chimpanzee infants are also removed from their natural habitats and sold as pets in adjacent cities. There are currently between 173,000 and 300,000 people living there.

5. Sea Otter

Sea Otter

Sea otters were on the verge of extinction because to their luxurious waterproof coats, which protect them from the frigid waters they live in. The species, a target of the commercial fur trade, was all but extinct by 1911, with only around 2,000 of an estimated 300,000 remaining. In that year, commercial hunting was outlawed globally. Despite the fact that the ban has helped populations rebound to around a third of what they were before,

6. Giraffes


The IUCN estimates that there are only 4,000 Kordofan and Nubian giraffes left in existence. Another endangered species is the reticulated giraffe. The loss of habitat, civil turmoil, and poaching are the main causes of the giraffe population decline. In some regions of Africa, giraffes are murdered just for their tails, which are regarded as status symbols.
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