9 Favorite Actors Who Are Super Testy To Work With

Because the roles they play on screen are so drastically different from who they are in real life, Hollywood actors really are the masters of deceit. It will come as quite a surprise to die-hard fans to learn how their favorite celebs act when they are not on television because they are willing to go to any lengths to simply hang out with or even go on a date with their favorite stars. Take a look at the nine actors who are super testy to collaborate with:

1. Bruce Willis

actors who are super testy, Bruce WillisSource: Getty Images

Bruce Willis, who starred in the Die Hard films, has also appeared in several action comedies, but in real life, he prioritizes action over comedy. The actor has a history of being rude and unpleasant to others, including crew members and journalists, both on and off-set. When promoting their film "Cop Out," Willis refused to appear beside director Kevin Smith.
In recent news, the actor slammed fellow actor and Hollywood great Sylvester Stallone. Willis' contract negotiations for The Expendables were notoriously contentious, and he ultimately decided not to return for the third sequel because of this.

2. Shia LaBeouf

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An altercation with director Daniel Sullivan and co-star Alec Baldwin led to the actor's dismissal from the Broadway production of Orphans. Actor Shia LaBeouf is notorious for speaking his mind in interviews, often saying harsh things about the production companies where he has worked.

3. Katherine Heigl

actors who are super testy, Katherine HeiglSource: Getty Images

Katherine Heigl's attitude prevented her from reaching the top, even though she was incredibly outspoken in her criticism of her colleagues and her work. The actress has criticized the film that made her famous, Knocked Up, as being "sexist" and has even considered not accepting an Emmy for her work on Grey's Anatomy because she didn't like the show's writing.
The actress's career has declined due to her nasty demeanor, refusal to come out of her trailer, excessive time spent on cosmetics, excessive salary demands, and insistence on altering the screenplay.

4. Russell Crowe

actors who are super testy, Russell CroweSource: Getty Images

Actor Russell Crowe's daily routine consists of getting into drunken brawls, insulting people on Twitter, and storming off set. Although the actor became famous and won an Oscar for his performance in Gladiator, his coworkers did not enjoy the experience.
Because he felt his staff was underpaid, the actor threatened to kill producer Branko Lustig with his bare hands. Crowe made it extremely challenging to film Gladiator, as was once scathingly stated: "I can make (bleep) sound good, and I'm the greatest actor in the world."

5. Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera, who has had seven consecutive hit singles, is better recognized for her incredible singing abilities than her acting. Despite her sparkling persona, the dazzling diva has a dark side, as evidenced by her frequent disagreements with Adam Levine on The Voice.
They also had heated exchanges behind the scenes. Moreover, the producers had to deal with Aguilera's chronic delay to the office. They went so far as to set a curfew to ensure she would show up on time. The singer has a history of being abusive with his co-stars, notably The Mickey Mouse Club's Tony Lucca.

6. Lindsay Lohan

actors who are super testy, Lindsay LohanSource: Getty Images

Everything that could have gone wrong for Lindsay Lohan as an adult came crashing down when the actress got involved with drugs and alcohol. These days, Lohan is better known for her altercations, drug use, arrests, and postponed shoots than for her acting abilities. Incredibly, the actress is still in demand after all these years.
Since changing her attitude, Lohan has gone from being a major star to being relegated to cameos and supporting roles. The actress has a history of mood swings and is frequently late to set. Her future does not look bright.

7. Christian Bale

actors who are super testy, Christian BaleSource: Getty Images

Even though Christian Bale put in a lot of effort to become the Hollywood superstar he is today, his colleagues report that he is notoriously challenging to deal with. The actor has a fiery temper, as seen by the leaked audio of him angrily ranting at the director of photography of Terminator: Salvation for interrupting him while filming a scene.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow, well-known for her snobbish behavior, demands that the shower floor be dried before she uses it. On the set of Iron Man 2, the actress flatly refused to engage in conversation with Scarlett Johansson for unknown reasons. Odd, to say the least.

9. Edward Norton

actors who are super testy, Edward NortonSource: Getty Images

When Edward Norton acts, the intensity of his performance radiates from the screen. There's no denying that the actor is dedicated to his craft, but he also has a reputation for being incredibly challenging to work with. The actor tends to overreact and even alter his lines mid-performance. Norton gave a career-best performance in American History X, but director Tony Kaye despised working with the actor, dubbing him a "narcissistic dilettante."
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