4 Cool Facts About Gwen Stacy From Spider-Man Comics  

Gwen Stacy is familiar with many movies and TV series as the female Spidey. Most recently, she teamed up with Miles Morales and different versions of Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. There are still unknown facts about her from the comics.
Let’s find out right below. 

#1. Gwen Bonded With Venom To Become Gwenom

Gwen Stacy 1Source: Marvel

In the Spider-Gwen series, on purpose to fight against Matt Murdock and Aleksei Sytsevich, she adapted the powers and the look of the symbiote. These guys actually injured her father and put him into a coma. By this transformation, Gwenom had a phenomenal look and ability resembling the infamous villain. 

#2. Earth-65’s Gwen Fell In Love With Miles Morales 

Gwen Stacy 1 2Source: Marvel

Originally in Spider-Man works, she had a romantic relationship with Peter Parker of Earth-616. In Spider-Man vol. 2 and Spider-Gwen vol. 2, this fast and furious love story developed once the two Spideys teamed up for a mission. Unfortunately it ended rapidly and they agreed to stay friends. 

#3. Gwenpool Which Is The Combination Of Gwen And Deadpool

Gwen Stacy 1 3Source: Marvel

Another name of this interesting character is Pink Slayer. She first appeared on a variant cover of Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars #2. Instantly, she attracted a lot of fans’ interest and eventually Marvel has released several books about her such as The Unbelievable Gwenpool. Much like Wade Wilson, she is a character who is able to break the 4th wall and interact with the readers. 

#4. Gwen Fell And Survived In Several Comics

Source: Marvel

In House of M and other What If? comics, Gwen Stacy did not die because of the fall because Peter successfully saved her. Specifically in House of M, Scarlet Witch adjusted reality and helped Peter and Gwen stay together. Afterwards, they had a son and lived happily as a family. Another comic where Gwen survived is What If? Vol 1 #24. Peter rescued her by jumping of the bridge, then he revealed his identity and proposed to her. 
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