Miles Morales and versions of Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse

Sony Pictures has attempted to create their own Cinematic Universe of Spider-Man which is called Spider-Verse. Their first project Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse introduced Miles Morales and other variants of Spider-Man from different universes.
In this post, let’s have a quick look through these characters.

#1. Miles Morales: The First Black Spider-Man

Miles Morales and other 5 versions of Spider-Man: A quick look 1Source: Isolated Nation

Following Barack Obama’s victory in the 2008 United States presidential election, Marvel Comics planned for an iconic Spider-Man of color. He made his debut in Ultimate Comics (2011) which is about an alternate universe of Marvel’s main universe. Miles stepped into the story after Peter Parker’s death. 
He got superpowers after being bitten by a spider made to provide Spider-Man’s power. His uncle, who found out about his secret, is actually a villain called the Prowler. He tried to make use of his nephew’s power but got killed instead by Miles’s Venom Blast, one of his hidden skills. Later on, he was encouraged to be the next Spidey by Aunt May, Mary Jane and also Nick Fury. 
In his first movie, Miles had to deal with many problems. One of them was the pressure he had to put up with at such a young age. It is never an easy path to go as an adultery superhero, not to mention a thirteen year old student. Eventually, Miles got the support he needed and figured out his role in this world.

#2. Gwen Stacy: Spider-Gwen

Miles Morales and other 5 versions of Spider-Man: A quick look 2Source: Cartoon Brew

Her first appearance was in Spider-Verse, a 2014 comic. She got a super cool layout with a white suit. This female variant of Spider-Man is also popular within the fans of Marvel Comics and specifically Spider-Man. She had several solo spinoff series and animation appearances. In the comics, Peter Parker turned himself into Lizard unknowingly to be special like his girlfriend. Unfortunately, Gwen killed the Lizard to protect her school without acknowledging it was Peter. In Into the Spider-Verse, Gwen was a tutor and a peer who pushed Miles to be a true hero. 

#3. Peter B. Parker: Spider-Man with Depression

Miles Morales and other 5 versions of Spider-Man: A quick look 3Source: CBR

This Peter Parker is far different from the original one. He is out of shape and sorrowful all the time after his multiple failures. His ex-wife broke up with him and left him with so much anxiety that he did not want to be a hero any longer. Eventually, he found his way to recover and set his feet back to the ground. 

#4. Spider-Man Noir: Spider-Man in black and white

Source: WeGotThisCovered

He has the vibe from the 1930s. His costumes were based on World War I era uniforms with the leather hood and goggles. He did not show his full potential and skills in the movie though. His participation brings hilarious moments like the two last Spideys below.

#5. Peter Poker: Spider-Ham

Source: Vulture

He is probably the earliest introduced version of Spidey, in 1982. Thus, he has the longest publishing record out of all Spider-Man variants. In Miles Morales’s movie, his scenes are audiences’ favorite due to his hilarious and bizarre lines and actions.

#6. Peni Parker: Spidey in 2D anime 

Source: BesfOfLostSouls

One of the new-born characters in the Spider-Verse. Imaged as a young Japanese anime girl, Peni Parker serves with many kawaii a.k.a cuteness. Other than her fellows, she controls a giant robotic merch. Her contribution in the movie was less notable than them also.
Spider-Verse is something big Sony have been preparing together with Marvel Entertainment. Miles Morales is scheduled to return in theaters in the sequel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse confirmed to premier in 2023. is your daily source of fun facts, memes and animal stories to start off your day with. Do not miss our updates on entertainment, Movies and celebrities.  
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