7 Actors Who Landed Iconic Roles By Wildest Reasons

This list of the oddest celebrities proves that weirdness is in the limelight more often than not. Stars like Cardi B and Lady Gaga may reveal themselves through enigmatic, offbeat, or crazy artistic practices. They might look different, like Dennis Rodman. Regardless, these eccentric celebrities are a great source of amusement, gossip, and even laughter. Strange things are done for their professional advancement. These are actors who landed roles with wildest reasons.
However, doing a typical nine-to-five job is no guarantee of success in the Entertainment industry. You probably think that actors acquire A-list parts by dining with powerful people over expensive breakfast and lunch and then auditioning perfectly in front of a panel of judges. But it turns out that Hollywood is as crazy and unpredictable as the rest of the world. Most likely even more so. Therefore, actors are cast in iconic, career-launching parts for the most illogical reasons. These actors who got iconic roles for the craziest reason might be seen here

1. Ryan Gosling in "The Notebook"

Actors Who Landed Iconic Roles, Ryan Gosling in "The Notebook"Source: The Notebook

Throughout his career, Ryan Gosling has been the object of widespread admiration. It was previously believed that his good looks helped him land parts. This, however, was not always the case. "I want you to play this character because you're not like the other young actors in Hollywood," director Nick Cassavetes told him when he was cast in The Notebook. You're just a typical man who seems a little crazy; you're not gorgeous or cool.

2. Samuel L. Jackson in "Pulp Fiction"

Actors Who Landed Iconic Roles, Samuel L. Jackson in "Pulp Fiction"Source: Pulp Fiction

Jules Winnfield's audition time came and went, and Quentin Tarantino was nowhere to be found. Sam L. Jackson went out to get some lunch, and by the time he got back, Tarantino had also shown up. Jackson brought his burger and shake to the meeting because he was hungry and annoyed by the director's late arrival.
When he walked in, I and Quentin were sitting on the couch, and he immediately began eating the shake, biting into the burger, and observing everyone. I was absolutely petrified. His eyes were bulging like balloons. Producer Richard Gladstein recalled, "And he just snatched the part.

3. Ben Affleck in "Gone Girl"

Actors Who Landed Iconic Roles, Ben Affleck in "Gone Girl"Source: Gone Girl

Ben Affleck produced a career-best performance as Nick Dunne, a kind husband searching for his missing wife despite widespread suspicion that he was complicit in her disappearance. Director David Fincher said that Affleck's grin was a major factor in casting him.
You choose actors for key movie roles based on the sequences they play. When the local media asks the husband in Gone Girl to pose with a poster of his missing wife, he puts on a brave front and grins. Affleck has been photographed smiling like that in public at least fifty times, according to the director, who admitted as much when flipping through Google Images.

4. Emma Watson in "Harry Potter"

Actors Who Landed Iconic Roles, Emma Watson in "Harry Potter"Source: Harry Potter

It's impossible to picture anyone other in the role of Hermione Granger, the overachieving Gryffindor student. However, Harry Potter creator Joanne Rowling felt that Emma Watson was "too attractive" to play the role of Hermione Granger. But when Watson called out of the blue, Rowling quickly changed her mind. I remember thinking, "Emma, you're perfect," and falling in love with her after she spoke for at least sixty seconds without pausing for breath.

5. Mel Gibson in "Mad Max"

Actors Who Landed Iconic Roles, Mel Gibson in "Mad Max"Source: Mad Max

The stars align for some, and they happen to be in the right place at the right moment. Mel Gibson was that lucky one and obtained the legendary part in the Mad Max franchise. By showing up to the audition bloodied and bruised, Gibson unwittingly snatched the role from his friend. Gibson got into a nasty bar brawl the night before he had to transport his friend to the audition. Casting directors saw his battered visage and thought, "Man, we need freaks in this film!" and took images of him. Come and see me when you've recovered.

6. Jason Momoa in "Game of Thrones"

Actors Who Landed Iconic Roles, Jason Momoa in "Game of Thrones"Source: Game of Thrones

Khal Drogo, the ruthless leader of his people, helped propel Jason Momoa to stardom in Game of Thrones. Without using words, the performer had to portray the character's attitude and motivations. He then broke into a Haka, a traditional Mori dance he was familiar with. They couldn't believe how well he performed, nor could the casting directors.

7. Wayne Knight in "Jurassic Park"

, Wayne Knight in "Jurassic Park"Source: Jurassic Park

The sweaty face of Wayne Knight was ideal for the role of Dr. Alan Grant in Jurassic Park. After witnessing him in a Basic Instinct sequence where he awkwardly watches Sharon Stone cross her legs, Steven Spielberg cast him as villain Dennis Nedry. While taking in the scene, Spielberg thought, "What if that were a dinosaur?"
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