6 Insane Ways Actors Did To Prepare For Drug-Addicted Roles

Some Hollywood actors have always favored method acting to enhance their profession and create an authentic performance. These actors have always strived to deliver the most realistic performances possible. Let's see Ways Actors played drug addicts.
When it comes to submerge themselves in their roles fully, actors can only go so deep into character before they start to lose touch with reality. However, playing the part of a heroin addict can be particularly challenging. Let's crazy ways that actors do to portray drug addicts. There are Crazy ways that actors do to portray drug addicts. 

1. John Travolta

Crazy ways that actors do to portray drug addicts, John TravoltaSource: Getty Images

Actor John Travolta got some helpful pointers from a friend of writer/director Quentin Tarantino who used to be an addict, on how to simulate a heroin high for the sequences where his character would be under its effect. A hot bath and a shot of tequila are recommended. Travolta did just that, teaming up with his wife to study the topic in question.

2. Leonardo Dicaprio

Crazy ways that actors do to portray drug addicts, Leonardo DicaprioSource: Getty Images

The greed, corruption, and heavy drug use that drove stockbroker Jordan Belfort's life in the '80s were at the center of the 2013 film The Wolf of Wall Street. The scene in which Leonardo DiCaprio's characters, Belfort and Donnie Azoff (also in the film) accidentally overdose on Quaaludes is one of the film's more humorous moments. As part of his preparation for this scene, Leonardo DiCaprio filmed Belfort, the real-life inspiration for this character, rolling around on the floor to simulate being high on Quaaludes.
But he did disclose that he got the bulk of his information from a YouTube video of a drunk guy rolling around on the floor while trying to obtain a beer. Leo DiCaprio watched this video repeatedly to prepare for his role. That, he continued, "was a tremendous motivation for me."

3. Heath Ledger

Crazy ways that actors do to portray drug addicts, Heath LedgerSource: Getty Images

Candy, starring Heath Ledger, is a 2006 film about a poet's and an artist's love and shared heroin addiction. Actor Heath Ledger had to put his passion for surfing on hold to play poet Dan. The Australian man who adores the beach avoided the light and lurked in the shadows until he had the pallid appearance of an addict. [4] That wasn't the end of his planning, though.
In Sydney, he met a real addict who demonstrated the proper injection technique using a prosthetic arm. He explained that the veins in the arm were fully functional so that drug addicts may practice their "hits." That stuff is pretty incredible, man.

4. Nicolas Cage

Crazy ways that actors do to portray drug addicts, Nicolas CageSource: Getty Images

To prepare for his role as the suicidal alcoholic, Cage said he interviewed "many drunks." According to his research, many issues arising during alcohol withdrawal are related to the stomach. He explained that when someone is sober, their stomach "shrivels and contracts like a fist" and alcohol acts like an injection that relaxes the stomach. This performance was "so gut-driven that it surprised even me."

5. Samuel L. Jackson

Crazy ways that actors do to portray drug addicts, Samuel L. JacksonSource: Getty Images

The fact that Samuel L. Jackson did the 1991 picture Jungle Fever sober was a huge asset to his portrayal of a heroin addict in that film. Jackson drew on his personal history of substance misuse to enhance his performance. He was only two weeks out of rehab when filming started. [8]

6. Jared Leto

Crazy ways that actors do to portray drug addicts, Jared LetoSource: Getty Images

While filming Suicide Squad, he went all in on his role as the insane Joker, even going so far as to keep his character's offset and give the other actors spooky presents. Leto went above and beyond the call of duty when he played a heroin addict in the 2000 film Requiem for a Dream. He claimed to have lived with addicts for weeks, watching them "shoot up dope" while he did the same thing with water. Leto claims he starved himself to the point of fainting to lose 25 pounds for the role.
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