5 Players Who Have Most International Goals In 2022 So Far, Ronaldo Is Not On The List

We witnessed some truly spectacular games at the World Cup and other international competitions. Only a few have scored more than 100 goals for their country, and being selected to play for the national team is a huge honor. The greatest debates of all time have seen a resurgence, led by a new generation of contending voices. Ronaldo hasn't been at his best, but he's still scored a few goals. Players Who Have Most International Goals In 2022 include the most well-known names.
The top five players in 2022 for most goals scored for their national teams were addressed in this article. The Players With The Most International Goals Of 2022 So Far might be seen here. 

#5. Olivier Giroud: 7

Players Who Have Most International Goals In 2022 include the most well-known names. Source: Getty Images
Olivier Giroud has become France's all-time leading scorer in men's international football. In the aftermath of Benzema's injury, Giroud was given a golden opportunity to showcase his goal-scoring prowess. Even though he won the tournament in 2018, the former Chelsea player had one of the worst tournaments ever, with zero goals and zero shots on goal. The 36-year-old is performing at a high level right now, having scored seven goals for France in 2022, four of which came at the World Cup.
The striker for AC Milan is second in scoring at the World Cup after Messi, with compatriot Kylian Mbappe in the lead with five goals. By scoring 52 goals, Giroud has also become France's all-time best scorer, surpassing Henry's previous mark of 51.

#4. Neymar: 7

Players Who Have Most International Goals In 2022 include the most well-known names.
Neymar will take solace in that he tied Pele's 71-goal record even though his World Cup hopes were dashed. Neymar has excelled this season for his club and his country, Brazil. He scored five times in the qualifying stage and twice in the World Cup. After a slow start to the World Cup owing to an ankle injury, he scored twice in the knockout stage; the rest of his goals for Brazil came in preseason matches.

#3. Kylian Mbappe: 9

Players Who Have Most International Goals In 2022 include the most well-known names.
He might go down in history as the greatest of all time if France wins the World Cup. A lightning-strike performance from a PSG player has broken a long curse for the defending champions, France, and sent them into the elimination round. With five goals in this competition, Mbappe has established himself as a global standard. In just two tournaments, he has scored nine times.
Mbappe, on the other hand, has earned his spot at the World Cup through his impressive play for his club rather than through international friendlies or World Cup qualifying. As a result, France will face Morocco in the World Cup semi-finals, and Mbappe will be primed to lead his country to the championship game.

#2. Haaland: 9

Haaland scored nine goals for Norway despite not playing in the World Cup, which is quite impressive. His goals were mostly scored in exhibition games, and European Championships play. The Norwegian has made an outstanding start to his career at Manchester City, where he has broken multiple Premier League records on his way to 23 goals in just 33 games. After the World Cup, the 22-year-old will be ready to return to work and add to his goal total.

#1. Lionel Messi: 15 goals

Lionel Messi is impressively leading Argentina to their first World Cup appearance since 1986. The 35-year-old veteran's game-changing passing and scoring have made him look like a much younger player. As of 2022, Messi has scored 15 goals for his country and 15 more for his international team. Only four of his goals were scored at the 2022 World Cup; the rest came in exhibitions and preliminary rounds.
Messi appears to focus more on winning the World Cup in 2018 than 2014. The ex-Barcelona player will be more than capable of leading Argentina to a second final against Croatia on Tuesday night.
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