5 Nations With The Most Win By Penalty Shootout In World Cup History, Surprised At 1st Spot

Since 1982, there have been 30 penalty shootouts at the World Cup. The first-ever penalty shootout of the 2022 World Cup was against Japan and Croatia. The penalty shootout is one of the most exciting parts of any game. Despite being major soccer powers, countries like England, Spain, and Italy have poor track records in penalty kick competitions. Nations With The Most Penalty Wins In World Cup might be seen here.
On the largest platform in the world, England lost all three of their first penalty shootouts. Three of Italy and Spain's four World Cup penalty shootouts have also ended in defeat. However, some teams have a perfect track record in penalty shootouts. Let's see Countries that have won the most penalties in World Cup history. 

5. France

Penalty Shootout In World Cup History, France Source: Getty Images
There have been four penalty shootouts involving the current world champions. In 1986, France beat Brazil in a quarterfinal penalty shootout, marking the country's first victory in such a situation. The 1998 World Cup quarterfinal match versus Italy was their second shootout victory. France, however, failed to perform in the crucial penalty shootout. Italy won the 2006 World Cup after converting all their penalty kicks, while France missed them in the shootout. France has won two of four World Cup penalty shootouts.

4. Brazil

Penalty Shootout In World Cup History, Brazil
Brazil last won the World Cup in 2002. The tournament's all-time leaders in victories (5 times) have not triumphed since 2002. The situation is the same when penalties decide goals. Brazil has won three out of five World Cup penalty shootouts.
On the other hand, Brazil's victory over Italy in 1994 final on penalties is often regarded as one of the most remarkable in such a context. Brazil won 3-2 over Italy and took home the championship. In the 1998 semi-finals, they also prevailed in a penalty shootout, this time against the Netherlands. In 2014, they advanced to the Round of 16 after beating Chile in a penalty shootout. After losing in a penalty shootout to Croatia, they have yet to win again.

3. Croatia

Penalty Shootout In World Cup History, Croatia
Four times at the World Cup, the Croatians have triumphed in a penalty shootout. Two of these victories came at the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The victory over Japan marked the debut. but the second was a massive surprise when Croatia tied the game at 117 minutes against Brazil. Dominik Livakovic, the goalie for Croatia, will be one of the finest in the World Cup 2022.
When Croatia was down 2-0 to Japan on penalties, Livakovic stopped both attempts, giving his team the upper hand. Dominik stopped both of Brazil's early penalty kicks with relative ease. Two of Croatia's victories occurred in the 2018 season when they also made it to the championship game. Croatia eliminated Russia in the quarterfinals, and Denmark went out in the second round.

2. Germany

Penalty Shootout In World Cup History, Germany
Since Germany won the 2014 World Cup, they have been doing poorly. But when it comes to penalty kicks, they are the indisputable champions. In the biggest event in the world, Germany won all four penalty shootouts they had participated in.
In the first-ever penalty shootout in the World Cup, the winning team beat France in the semi-finals in 1982. They haven't lost a penalty shootout since then. Germany also advanced to the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup by defeating Argentina in a penalty shootout. In terms of penalty shootouts, Argentina has only lost once, back in 2006.

1. Argentina

Penalty Shootout In World Cup History, Argentina
The Argentinians have a remarkable record of five victories out of six penalty shootouts. World Cup 2014 penalty shootout victory over the Netherlands was one of the most memorable. As a result of their 4-2 victory in the shootout, Argentina advanced to the championship game. History repeated itself when Argentina blew a two-goal lead against the Netherlands in the quarterfinals.
But there was Emiliano Martinez, who came through when his country needed him. Lautaro Martinez, who had made the first two saves, ended the game with a decisive 4-3 score. A penalty shootout in the World Cup Round of 16 in 1998 was another pivotal moment for Argentina. Argentina advanced to the quarterfinals with a 4-3 victory over England.
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