Behold, The Best Roleplay Flirting Texts That Can Make You Cringe Constantly

The Best Roleplay Text Ideas That Can Make You Cringe Constantly. Fairly speaking, they are quite funny and entertaining to see.
Hi! *extends hands* *gives shy look* How are you today? *giggles* Uhmm, I-I want t-to tell you something. D-do you have time now? *looks down at feet* *adjust hair*
Well, we are not writing a script for a school romance movie here. We bet that you all have received messages inserted with these asterisks at least once. Fairly speaking, they are quite funny and entertaining to see. What else can people do when they want to express their actions and emotions through words? That's a disadvantage of messages, but people have got a pretty nice idea to overcome it, indeed.
Got a huge crush on somebody? Then this could be an impressive pickup line for you to try out. If your crush is a fan of Japanese anime, this will definitely work. If not, we're sure that your name will have a place on that person's blocklist. Actually, I and many other people cannot have that much courage to send a message like that to anyone. Just looking at them can make us cringe into oblivion in an instant.
Uhmm *lowers voice* I have some cringey roleplay texts, wo-would you like to see them? They're s-so funny, trust me! *excitedly shows the collection* Hope you like them... *bites lip* and also like me. *turns away quickly* *runs fastly* *farts uncontrollably.*

#1 My friend got some weird texts from a guy she knows and decided to fight fire with fire

roleplay text ideas roleplay text ideas

Source: [deleted]

#2 *sweats A LOT*

roleplay text ideasSource: VortexThing

#3 TRAIN fetish

roleplay text ideas 1Source: DankPastaMaster

#4 *my books juggling*

Source: SpaceAbduction

#5 Oh gosh!

roleplay text ideas 2Source: [deleted]

#6 *slap you with djck*

roleplay Source: [deleted]

#7 That escalated quickly

text ideasSource: [deleted]

#8 Also he didn't mean to!

Source: Paradoxinthewind

#9 Best. Roleplay. Ever.

Source: devesh741

#10 What a charmer. ??

Source: MAGQgirl

#11 Is this real life

Source: shark0attack

#12 *softly pets*

Source: shark0attack

#13 *takes in a soft gasp of air*

Source: shark0attack

#14 *my eyes glow blue like sans*

Source: shark0attack

#15 Finally found one in the wild

roleplay text ideasSource: salomestrange

#16 I guess a simple “hi” just isn’t enough for some people

roleplay text ideasSource: AsheChaos

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