Lion Kept Alone In Cage As Prisoner Gets Rescued And Makes Unlikely New Friend

"Nothing is impossible!"- this saying is actually so true in our life, especially in the Nature World. And the friendship between an elderly lion and his unlikely new friend, a squirrel, has proved this saying.
Poor Guero was rescued from a private zoo in Mexico after years suffering all alone in confinements there. When he was found, the lion was very ill, both physically and psychologically. With a broken neck and worn-down teeth, he seemed to be lying in the border of life and d.e.a.t.h.
Thankfully, the rescuers were able to save Guero. Colorado's Wild Animal Sanctuary also joined the mission to help the unfortunate animal a better place to live. It wasn't long before he was moved to the United States for greater treatment. There, Guero got his life totally changed.

Image source: Colorado State University

In a few short months, the lion was able to settle in his new home on the sprawling 720-acre Wild Animal Sanctuary. He underwent successful surgery on his neck and was finally able to eat without pain thanks to the help of dentists.
The aging lion, who'd lived nearly a life in the cold confines, was no longer alone! Guero's caretakers soon realized that he had a loving heart, no matter how much suffering he'd been through. At the sanctuary, he was soon attached to another animal resident, a tiny squirrel, and their unlikely friendship bloomed out in the surprise of human friends.

Image source: The Wild Animal Sanctuary

As told by the sanctuary, Guero often shared his food with his critter. They admired the wonderful friendship between the two unlikely animals. Watch a video here:

Guero, along with his heart-breaking story, has earned thousand hearts around the world. Many people have voiced their concern over the horror of animal mistreatment of which Guero was just one of the victims. Hopefully, governments will take more actions to help protect more and more animals in the wilds.
H/T: The Dodo
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