18 Funny Random 'Alternative' Names That Are Made By Kids

For children, the world is full of new and interesting things. In the first few years, every child will learn about the surroundings. Objects, plants, animals, vehicles,... children will need quite a long time to remember them all. And sometimes, when they don't know how to call a certain thing, they just make up a completely new name to call it.
With curiosity in nature, children love to explore the world around them. Apparently, there's no limit when it comes to their imagination. They perceive the world in a very different way compared to us. And it's just amazing how they change things to fit their immature minds. Here we have collected some tweets from parents who shared about their humorous children's inventions. The kids hilariously renamed random things, and that simply made their parents burst out laughing. Scroll down and check them out now.


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