30 WTF Pictures That'll Make You Say "Whoooa, WTF?!"

Do you know the r/WTF subreddit? For those who don't know, this online community - the home of nearly 7 million members is devoted to sharing plenty of weird and crazy pictures that will make you say, "What the F*ck." As some of the WTF pictures shared in that subreddit can leave anyone shocked and confused, there might be times you wish that you hadn't seen them.
We have put together a compilation of 30 WTF pictures that will help you understand the true meaning of the term "WTF." When you are ready, let's take a minute to scroll down and check out the best photos from Redditors who surely know how to make you say "WTF" right now. Also, don't forget to vote for the most WTF pictures. If you have been through any confusing and odd situations, please share them with us in the comments.

#1. How about No?

Source: orchid_breeder

#2. Dryer filter after my friend did their clothes. They swear they don’t have bed bugs…

Source: Samuraicops

#3. Realized after I was done changing that there was a surveillance camera overlooking the dressing room…

Source: sal22222

#4. Cabin in Alaska for rent, lovely view

Source: 5_Frog_Margin

#5. $5000 Canadian after someone using the microwave to disinfect it

Source: jdk

#6. Great flavour

Source: RedJ00hn

#7. 27 contact lenses were found by doctors in woman's eye

Source: cdeae

#8. Opened up a tin of peas

Source: ID6WU

#9. Some focus groups told some ad agencies that this would sell jeans

Source: keilcorcoran

#10. Saw this posted on a trashcan outside of work. Not sure how to feel

Source: nerogenesis

#11. Took a shower before work today, looked down to grab a bottle of shampoo and see this!

Source: AnAssGoblin

#12. Found a 12 year old steak wedged in my mom's freezer

Source: KoRnBrony

#13. A tornado overnight in Thomaston, Georgia, ripped a home off its foundation and put it in the road

Source: SharingMyStorys

#14. Found this clown mannequin half a mile deep into a drainage pipe tied like this to a grate

Source: SoDakZak

#15. Found in Downtown Fresno, CA. Someone covered a Geo Metro with Pennies. Possibly doubled the value of the car

Source: rbbass

#16. My girlfriend sent me this from her doctors appointment

Source: antiquebanana

#17. WHY

Source: V8TITAN

#18. Secret recording device under break room table at work

Source: Egomzez

#19. Studio apartment... no thanks

WTF PicturesSource: Cyanidesuicideml

#20. After 3 years of marriage, I just found out my wife cuts around the sticker instead of peeling it off…

WTF PicturesSource: stoavs

#21. This is a highway bridge in Pennsylvania

WTF PicturesSource: Tylenol_Creator

#22. I don’t understand what this is supposed to be or why it is on the playground

WTF PicturesSource: bwmamanamedsha

#23. My finger turned white after staying out in the cold rowing

WTF PicturesSource: aydenbear05

#24. Someone shot my car on the highway

WTF PicturesSource: rationaljackass

#25. Bubbles of effort

WTF PicturesSource: FloatingOverThere

#26. I’m honestly not even sure what I’m looking at

WTF PicturesSource: ZhakaTaka

#27. What is he thinking?

WTF PicturesSource: ramigb

#28. Something you never want to see through the window

WTF PicturesSource: Peejay22

#29. The way this lightning struck

WTF PicturesSource: GameMonkeyDev

#30. Meanwhile in Milwaukee…

WTF PicturesSource: zherper

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