Can You Get Through These Wacky Photos Without Thinking "WTF"?

The world is full of unusual things, and there is no better place to showcase them than the Internet. As a result, besides all of the usual stuff we see daily, there is a dark section filled with odd photos lurking on the interwebs. Don't you believe us? Just continue reading because if these photos don't make you go "WTF?" we don't know what will.
From a guy walking on four with a leash in public to a girl putting an entire fist in her mouth, these are just a few examples of how wacky people can be on the world wide web. And sometimes, even with context, we can't always grasp what's going on in given photos. So, let's buckle up and get ready to dive in because these images will undoubtedly make you giggle till your stomach hurts or keep you up all night. Enjoy!
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#1. When you're married and chicks are everywhere.

Source: reckontalk

#2. The looks in his eyes.

Source: unknown

#3. Sorry eh?

Source: Lima8Tango

#4. Subway maniac.

Source: SubwayCreatures

#5. "I'm not drunk, Connor."

Source: unknown

#6. Doggy style.

Source: TigerUppercut08

#7. Sweet home Alabama.

Source: Hibanahentai

#8. Woman casually taking a walk with her Bengal Tiger in one of the fanciest malls in Mexico City.

Source: esemickey

#9. "But in the 1800s people used to picnic with loved ones passed on."

Source: Hankman66

#10. "I've never met Obama, but Obama has met me."

Source: deathakissaway

#11. A guy comes back from work to find this in his living room:

Source: jacklaros

#12. When you need AK to prop your hood.

Source: usgaap

#13. "Looking through my deceased grandma's photos when I found this."

Source: DennisNedryisSexy

#14. "There's a foot in my snake."

Source: anxious-orange-juice

#15. This elevator.

Source: She_a_trap

#16. Twix, Mars, Raccoon... Wait!

Source: MrShatanas

#17. "I am not in danger. I'M THE DANGER."

Source: Wirpvp

#18. Japanese ballpoint pen comes with a live parasitic worm:

Source: kaustubhroxx

#19. Matching-themed shirts for dad and the kids:

Source: WiggleUraz

#20. "Please don’t leave fake tips I’m trying to go to college"

Source: iskermitagod

#21. Hello old friend.

Source: quigley_will

#22. This should be a commercial for this tape:

Source: Cliffy4444

#23. Ouch!

Source: Fifvolhgfinb

#24. Child friendly as always:

Source: Sokkenwaap

#25. Well that's something you don't see every day.

Source: Imgur

#26. Uhhhh...

Source: Reddit

#27. Want to build a house and you only have a small piece of land? No problem!

Source: NadaCJ

#28. "A little more to the left... Alright! Smile and say F3!"

Source: READlbetweenl

#29. Mexico's national journalism award, which doesn't look like a pigeon at all.

Source: Spascucci

#30. "Probably a bad idea Mom."

Source: Marmoe

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