25 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Then Wonder WTF Is Going On

Everyone can agree that the internet is a fantastic invention. It provides a place for us to work, study, and communicate. Plus, it contains data and information amounting to thousands of zettabytes that we access regularly. Despite all of its benefits, the internet's greatest asset is actually its capacity to entertain us after a long day at work or school. So, let's have some fun by looking at 25 pictures that will make you laugh but then leave you wondering WTF is going on.
From a supermarket employee chained to the cashier to a guy trying to put out a fire using gasoline, these are just a few examples of how wacky people can be on the world wide web. And sometimes, even with context, we can't always grasp what's going on in given photos. So, let's buckle up and get ready to dive in because these images will undoubtedly make you giggle till your stomach hurts. Enjoy!

#1. It's not stupid if it works, eh?

Source: SalaSalah55

#2. Just living his best life.

Source: acidcow

#3. Wait... what? WTF is going on here?

Source: ?????? ???????

#4. Why???

Source: Røzco

#5. When you wear a skirt but you need to squat:

Source: naiveLabAssistant

#6. What happend?

Source: walesonline

#7. Creative solution, redneck but still...

Source: 0311fml

#8. Wha...t?

Source: YesBwo

#9. Okay...?

Source: djpaulcorby

#10. If it fits, I sit.

Source: acidcow

#11. So this is toddlerhood:

Source: acidcow

#12. "There, there"

Source: acidcow

#13. Living up to her super strength.

Source: alamy

#14. I'm actually impressed.

Source: instagram

#15. Jack outta the box.

Source: acidcow

#16. "Not gonna lie, that kebab looks good AF!"

Source: acidcow

#17. Uh, sir, that is not going to put the fire out...

Source: acidcow

#18. The classiest way to propose:

Source: cheezburger

#19. Smile for the camera!

Source: acidcow

#20. She's just taking a leek.

Source: dailymail

#21. Curse salsa.

Source: CURSEDF00D

#22. Interesting game...

Source: acidcow

#23. What a posture!

Source: thechive

#24. "Tired of being a bird?"

Source: imgur

#25. LOL

Source: thechive

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