30 Times People Spiced Christmas Up With A Huge Sense Of Humor

Christmas is coming to every corner, from streets, churches and shopping centers. If you take a walk on the roads, you will feel the Christmas spirit. While almost all people chose a safe way to decorate their houses with stunning Christmas trees, Christmas stocks, snowmen, candles and votives, some are just different. They celebrated this holiday in a unique way. In particular, they spiced Christmas up with interesting ideas for decorations and clothes. And you must see them because they are so hilarious.
Below are some of the funniest examples of people who spiced Christmas up with a huge sense of humor. Scroll down to check them out. There are a lot of fantastic ideas that you can use to decorate your house and crack others up. Don't forget to upvote your most preferred pictures. We have already written about this topic before. You can find our previous article here and here.

#1. I made a snowman out of spare bike parts at work today

Source: bobbabas

#2. Day 2 of my wife not noticing the tomato in our Christmas tree

Source: FourHecks

#3. These Christmas decorations for 2022

Source: BroncoResurrection

#4. I turned my regular boring Christmas tree into a Whoville tree

Source: kerrietaldwell

#5. Made my own holiday sweater for my company party

Source: thinkdeep

#6. "See? I told you it would fit." - Every man's Christmas-obsessed wife

Source: Jeff Foxworthy

#7. How one of my coworkers wrapped his secret santa gift

Source: trevorda92

#8. I found her!

Source: Gohomepatyouredrunk

#9. Santa, OH myyy!!!!!

Source: bikehard

#10. How The Grinch stole slushies

Source: NixisTM

#11. Neighbors added some ornaments to my 12' tall skeleton

Source: CynicInRVA

#12. Added a new ornament to our tree

Source: RudyWillingham

#13. I put a Christmas Story lamp in my front window and not one of my neighbors recognized it. Several have stopped to ask why I have a “weird, gross leg” on display

Source: bdd1001

#14. My neighbor’s 3-story tall Santa

Source: Starry_Knight_

#15. LulaRoe strikes again with the random placement of Santa's hand

Source: BeardAfterDark

#16. I drunk ordered a Christmas present for my brother, was not disappointed in myself

Source: primeski

#17. We had a Christmas door decorating contest at work this year. This was my entry

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: R4D4R_MM

#18. I have no Christmas tree. Danny Detreeto

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: reddit

#19. My girlfriend let me decorate our apartment’s front window for Christmas. She may have made a mistake

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: Osko1337

#20. Wife called to let me know that she took the perfect Christmas card photo...

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: kielby

#21. Parents haven't noticed my Christmas sweater yet

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: Barnitz

#22. For anyone else whose mother has a decoration that spells out Christmas in blocks

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: shesagdb

#23. Making my own Christmas cards this year. NAILED IT...

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: pootyparty

#24. Got my boyfriend this vintage pulsar calculator watch for Christmas. Waiting in line at Best Buy and he says he has something to show me

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: Radiantlyred

#25. The blanket that my husband got me for Christmas. It’s his face

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: angelinthehallway

#26. My sister gave me the greatest Christmas present I could have ever wanted

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: reddit

#27. My aunt painted this rock for my brother's Christmas gift

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: reddit

#28. Our Mexican Christmas tree..... well for 3 minutes. Wife's no fun

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: disco247

#29. My niece wins Christmas

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: Kollider

#30. I think I've found the darkest Christmas tie ever

People Spiced Christmas UpSource: masona_jones6

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